King Signs Moratorium on the Trans Texas Corridor

March 14, 2007

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AUSTIN – State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford) has coauthored legislation that, if approved, would mandate a two year moratorium on the Trans Texas Corridor project.

“Transparency and public participation have been critical issues throughout this toll road process,” stated King. “Providing for a two year moratorium on the toll project will further this goal by allowing for greater public involvement as well as increased legislative oversight.”

The bill, in addition to staying the Trans Texas Corridor project for two years, would also create a legislative study committee comprised of members from the House, Senate and Governor’s office. The committee would be charged with conducting public hearings and evaluating the public policy implications of allowing a private entity to operate and collect revenue from a toll project.

“The implications surrounding the construction of toll roads in Texas are too great to not be completely and adequately reviewed,” King said. “Allowing the legislature to study the current proposals and consider alternatives to building toll roads are in the best interests of the citizens of this state.”