King Votes to Reduce Property Taxes by Limiting Appraisal Creep

April 17, 2007

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Austin – State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford), a longtime supporter of reducing property taxes, yesterday cast his vote for H.B. 216, a bill that will slow burdensome “appraisal creep” that impacts Texas homeowners.

Phil King said, “We are moving to protect families in Parker and Wise counties that have seen increases in appraisal values during recent years. This legislation is a key part of continuing efforts to solve the problem of appraisal creep.”

Current state law appraises property at levels greater than market value in order to meet unreasonable government formulas. This new legislation helps correct this problem by reducing the upward pressure on appraisals that have burdened property owners.

King went on to say, “Texas legislators are working now to protect Texans from future increases in property taxes. I am proud to support positive public policy that helps all Texans.”

H.B. 216 was passed by the full House yesterday and awaits action by the Texas Senate.