King Votes to Support Border Security Bill

May 9, 2007

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H.B. 13 provides more than $100 million to Texas Homeland and Border Security

Austin – On Monday, the Texas House of Representatives gave approval to HB 13, a bill which provides more than $100 million dollars for measures designed to beef up Texas border security. The bill, which has six major provisions that strengthen homeland and border security, now heads for the Texas Senate for approval.

Representative King (R-Weatherford) said, “With crime, drug lords, and human trafficking running rampant, Texans are rightly concerned about security along our 1,200 mile international border with Mexico. HB 13 represents a solid commitment to fighting crime and illegal immigration.”

HB 13 creates the State Office Of Homeland Security under the Office of the Governor. The bill models previous border security operations which have proven successful, such as Operation Wrangler III which decreased crime by 30 percent in just 30 days.

The legislation creates a Border Security Council which will oversee how homeland and border security funds are allocated. Under the bill, local law enforcement departments are permitted to help enforce immigration laws, and the bill prevents any illegal alien “sanctuary city” from receiving funding.

King said, “Although we live hundreds of miles away from the Texas border, Parker and Wise Counties residents feel the impact of a porous border on a daily basis. As a former police officer, I am proud to support our law enforcement personnel who are fighting a very tough battle along the border. They must have our full support.”