King Says Vote Yes on Proposition 7

October 4, 2007

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Austin – State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford), is urging everyone to vote “yes” on the proposed constitutional amendment, Proposition 7, which will be on the ballot November 6, 2007. Proposition 7 is an amendment dealing with government condemned property not being used after its condemnation, and what can be done with that property.

King stated, “Currently, if a governmental entity condemns a piece of property through eminent domain, but does not end up using this property, it just sits there. This is hurtful not only to the landowner who’s property was taken from them, but it also hurts the tax rolls as that property is no longer generating tax revenue. Proposition 7 would allow this governmental entity to sell that piece of land back to the original landowner at the same price that they had ‘purchased’ it for.”

King went on to explain that under Article 3, Section 52 of the Texas Constitution, a governmental entity may not grant public money or a “thing of value” to a private entity or individual. Using that logic, the condemned land would only be able to be sold back to the original landowner at the current market value, which would typically be much higher than what the entity paid for it at the time of condemnation. Proposition 7 will allow the landowner the opportunity to get the land back that was taken from them unwillingly, at the same price that it was taken from them.

“Proposition 7 is the right thing to do for Texas landowners,” King closed.