A Short Letter From Phil

September 18, 2008

Contact Information:

Dear Friend –

Over the past few weeks it has taken me a little longer to respond to your calls, letters and emails and I wanted to let you know why. As you may know, I am a member of the Texas State Guard. The Guard is tasked, among other responsibilities, with disaster relief efforts during times of emergency in Texas.

Unfortunately, we have had three hurricanes make landfall on or near the Texas coast since late July. First was Dolly, which hit around South Padre Island. Gustav was next making landfall just east of Texas. And last week we had Ike which devastated much of southeast Texas. The State Guard activated me for each of these hurricanes to assist with relief efforts. I’m very pleased to inform you that the Texas State Guard and all of the other volunteer and relief organizations are doing an outstanding job in handling these efforts.

In my absence, my staff has done a great job keeping up but there are some communications from constituents that I want to handle myself. I ’ve been doing my best to get back to you on these. Thank you for your understanding and patience during my absence.


State Representative Phil King

PS: I spent Wednesday afternoon in a fly over with the Chairman of the Public Utility Commission assessing the power outages from Galveston to Beaumont. The devastation is incredible. Some communities are completely gone. Sadly, many of the people who lost homes are the least able to recover from such a loss. Please keep them and all the victims in your prayers.