King Says Water Conservation District Should Not Tax Homeowners

October 3, 2008

Contact Information:

Weatherford – State Representative Phil King today expressed his concerns over the recent decisions made by the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District.

“I have been contacted by many constituents concerned over the direction taken recently by the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District,” said Rep. King. “I share those concerns particularly with regard to the financial impact the district will have on home owners. The district was never intended to regulate or assess fees upon residential well owners or municipalities.”

A budget for the district has been set by the board at $946,650, including a fee of .22 cents per 1000 gallons of water for residential homeowners. Additionally, the board has decided to place a “registration fee” on all new residential wells.

“I strongly encourage residents to contact the conservation district in order to express their concerns,” said Rep. King. “Furthermore, cities should continue their efforts to protest the district’s decisions by submitting official resolutions passed by their respective city councils to the board as soon as possible.”

“It is my sincere hope that the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District will take a new direction without the need for any legislative action. However, if necessary, I am prepared to pursue a legislative remedy when the legislature reconvenes this January.”