National Republican Group Gets Texas Chapter

June 24, 2009

Austin American-Statesman

Corrie MacLaggan

A group of Republican lawmakers today announced the formation of a Texas chapter of GOPAC, a national organization that recruits and trains Republican candidates.

GOPAC-TX will raise money and work to get additional Republicans elected to the Texas House and Senate, the group’s chairman, Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, said at a press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel Austin.

At least for now, the House — where Republicans have a 76-74 majority — will likely be the group’s primary target in the Lone Star State.

For Republicans to win on key issues at the Capitol, “we need more Republicans in the House,” said state Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, a member of the group’s board. “The gap is too small.”

King said the group — which includes more than 30 state lawmakers so far — will take on incumbent Democrats. GOPAC-TX will mostly stay out of Republican primaries, he said.

He said the group is planning a series of fund-raisers around the state and hopes to raise at least $4 million.