Letter and Organizational Chart for Obamacare from Phil King

August 25, 2009

Dear Friend,

As you know, I’ve been very outspoken in my opposition to the healthcare plan that the Democrats and President Obama have been propagating in Washington. A couple of weeks ago I joined several of my colleagues in the Texas Legislature in sending a letter to the Texas Congressional delegation urging them to oppose the plan as well.

Yesterday I came across this organizational chart (please find link below) of how the healthcare plan will work if it is passed. I hope it scares you as much as it did me. Please take a look at this chart and share it with all of your friends. The federal government has shown that they are unable to run Social Security, Medicare, and many other programs, so why do they now think they can create the largest government program in our nation’s history and have it work properly?

Please join me in voicing your opposition to this plan to your congressional representatives today. It’s a pleasure to serve you in the Texas Legislature.


Phil King