King Scores ‘A’ Rating on Americans for Prosperity Scorecard

December 23, 2009

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This week Americans for Prosperity – Texas (AFP) released their legislative scorecard for the Texas Legislature, giving State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford) an “A” rating for his role in defending the American Dream.

Grades for AFP’s Report Card were determined on a numerical basis based by the legislators’ votes on key issues which relate to fiscal restraint and fewer regulations.

AFP State Director Peggy Venable stated, “Texas remains the beacon of fiscal sanity in this country because of the leadership of Phil King and other like-minded legislators. Representative King deserves recognition for steering Texas in the right direction.”

Venable went on to say, “Legislators who received A’s on the AFP-Texas report card voted in a manner which promoted individual liberty, lower taxes and fewer onerous regulations, and we should thank them for voting to protect our pocket books.”