King Offers Plan to Quash Waste Facility

March 11, 2010

Weatherford Democrat

Greg Webb

Weatherford State Representative Phil King Wednesday urged cities in eastern Parker County to use new waste collection companies in the future, in an effort to halt the construction of a waste transfer station in Aledo.

King, one of about 50 concerned area residents, was allowed to speak prior to the beginning of Wednesday’s hearing contesting the approval of a 2008 permit application for Republic Waste’s planned waste transfer station in Aledo.

“I would strongly, strongly encourage the cities to exercise their authority outside the courtroom and outside this legal process,” King said. “The cities of Aledo, Willow Park and Hudson Oaks all have contracts with the parties represented here today for their waste delivery. It would be easy for them to say ‘We will never, ever renew our contracts with Republic again.”