Conservative Texas Legislators Band Together to Start New Organization; Put People Before Party

April 12, 2010

Contact Information:
(817) 596-8100

On the eve of the “Tea Party” movement’s anniversary, conservative legislators in Texas have banded together to form a new organization – the Independent Conservative Republicans of Texas. With conservative voters organizing like never before to protest the unprecedented overreaching intrusion of the federal government, voters need to know there are Republican legislators who share their beliefs and will uphold their principals.

The group was founded on five core principles each member has committed to uphold:

  • Stand for conservative principals and to put people before Party.
  • Fiscally accountable, limit the size of government, and fight for free market principles.
  • Protect our borders and to support a strong military.
  • Protect life, support strong family values, and uphold the Judeo-Christian beliefs our nation was founded upon.
  • Honor the Constitution and protect the sovereign rights of Texas.

“We are all proud members of the Republican Party and will remain so. However, this organization provides us with accountability outside of our political party,” the group’s founder Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston) remarked. “We recognize we are first and foremost accountable to the people who elected us. We have dedicated ourselves to these core principals and have said ‘this is who we are and this is how we will legislate,’” Sen. Patrick concluded.

“We’re joining together to say test us, try us, hold us accountable. We mean it when we pledge to defend limited government, individual liberties and free enterprise,” remarked Rep. Phil King (R-Weatherford).

“The voters placed their trust in us because we share their values and priorities, and we have a responsibility to govern according to those principles,” Sen. Jane Nelson (R-Lewisville) added.

“With increased awareness of the citizens expressing their desire to be involved, it is exciting to be a part of this movement to accept the challenge of bringing our state and nation back to the conservative, godly heritage of our founding fathers,” Rep. Dan Flynn (R-Van) offered.

“Dedication to America’s founding principles, through our commitment to civic awareness and responsibility, is what the Independent Conservative Republicans will follow as our course of action,” Sen. Florence Shapiro (R-Plano) observed.

Additional information may be found on the group’s website at