Attention Conservatives – Your Assistance is Vital to Help Texas Stay the Course

August 1, 2010

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When the 82nd Texas Legislature convenes in January 2011, our state will face many challenges.

We must balance the budget without raising taxes in the face of a projected $18 billion budget shortfall. We must resist continued encroachments by the federal government on our liberty. We must secure our elections and our border. We must continue to reform and reduce property taxes – homeownership is increasingly at risk. We must allow the free market to thrive in order to get Texans back to work.

To advance our conservative constitutional principles in light of these challenges, the Texas Conservative Coalition has drafted a legislative agenda called our “Pledge with Texans,” which I have signed along with forty-seven other conservative state legislators. Click HERE to read the TCC Pledge with Texans.

However, we need help to ensure that implementation of our pledge is fully effective.

Here are three action items that courageous conservatives need to do to help:

  1. Please read our Pledge online.
  2. Please sign the Citizens Petition in support of the TCC “Pledge with Texans”. Click HERE to go to the petition.
  3. Please forward this email so that your fellow grassroots activists can read our Pledge and sign the Citizens Petition.

Please also post the Citizens Petition link ( to Facebook and other social networking accounts.

The support of conservative Texans will be invaluable to our success.