They Need Your Support to Cut Spending and Stop New Taxes

October 11, 2010

Weatherford Telegram

State Rep. Phil King

There is a lot of good economic news in Texas. We are one of only six state governments that didn’t run a budget deficit in 2009. We’ve had the largest 10-year growth in private sector jobs among all the states. We now host more Fortune 1000 companies than any other state. We’re the largest exporting state in the nation, produce more energy than any other state, and our unemployment rate has been at or below the national average for forty-four consecutive months. I could go on and on.

Unfortunately there is bad news, too. We are in the worst economy in 75 years. Until the Obama administration realizes that you can’t create a strong economy built on debt, massive new spending, and redistribution of wealth it’s simply not going to get much better.

So what can you and I do? Well, over the next year elected officials at every level – city councils, school boards, commissioner courts, the Texas Legislature and U.S. Congress – will face unprecedented budget shortfalls. Elected officials will face enormous pressure to raise taxes to close the gap. Their communities are growing and in many cases their voters are demanding increased government programs and services.