King: Revenue Shortfall to Drive Legislative Agenda

January 12, 2011

Springtown Epigraph

Edwin Newton

From using a cell phone while driving to border security and public education financing – there is plenty to talk about as Texas legislators begin their 140-day biennial journey this week.

But first they must slay the monster – a $26.8 billion revenue shortfall the Texas comptroller has forecast over the next two years.

Phil King, state representative for District 61, which includes Parker and Wise counties, says that’s where the discussion will begin and end.

“Everything is going to be completely defined by the budget,” he said.

King is quick to point out that the state of Texas isn’t operating in the red. In fact, the constitution mandates that legislators come up with a balanced budget over a two year cycle.

“We’re not California,” he said. “In 2009 we were one of only six states to be operating in the black.”