King Passes Budget Amendments to Freeze State Hiring, Prevent $100 Million in New Fees

April 4, 2011

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Yesterday State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford) successfully passed amendments to House Bill 1 (the state budget bill for Fiscal Years 2012-2013), which freeze hiring by state agencies and prevents $100 million of new broad-based fees from being implemented by the state on taxpayers. The hiring freeze amendment would call for a freeze on non-essential state hiring effective September 1, and would apply until August 31, 2013, the last day of next budget cycle.

“As a state we are facing a large projected budget shortfall for next biennium,” King stated, “Families and businesses across Texas are doing what it takes to balance their checkbooks in a fiscally responsible manner, and it is critical that the state government conduct business in the same way. By implementing a hiring freeze and balancing our state budget without raising taxes or fees, we can save precious dollars during a time when every dollar counts. These funds can be directed to the critical services our state provides, such as educating our children.”

HB 1, which was passed by the House of Representatives late Sunday night, cuts $23 billion of spending out of state government. This represents a 12.3% reduction in spending from the previous biennium. HB 1 will next go to the Senate for approval.