King Joins Legislators in Urgent Call for Investigation of Abortion Facilities

May 20, 2011

Contact Information:
(817) 381-8282

State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford) this week joined a group of legislators calling for a thorough investigation of abortion facilities in Texas by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The letter comes on the heels of a report released by Operation Rescue, alleging violations by Texas abortion clinics of dozens of state and federal laws related to women’s health. The legislator’s request was made even more urgent by a disturbing news report out of El Paso, which uncovered a black plastic bag containing a human fetus found in the parking lot of an abortion facility.

“The reports of these gross violations of law that threaten the health and safety of women, including minor women, must be investigated thoroughly,” King stated, “We look forward to a prompt response form the Department of State Health Services to our urgent request.”

The Operation Rescue report alleges a variety of violations of state and federal laws by a dozen abortion clinics in five broad categories:

  1. The illegal disposal of hazardous bio-medical and infectious waste, including human urine, blood, and tissue.
  2. Drug violations through the illegal disposal of vials still containing controlled substances.
  3. Violations of the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  4. Widespread abuses to the Texas mandated informed consent laws.
  5. A pattern of willingness to help minors evade parental consent laws and ignore the mandatory reporting of child sex abuse.