Texas Legislative Session Issue Update: Pro-Life Legislation

June 2, 2011

Dear Friend:

Monday was the last day of the regular legislative session, which was one of the most, if not the most, successful sessions for the pro-life community in Texas!

HB 1 – I was proud to help pass the state appropriations bill which removed 100% (approximately $60 million) of state funding to abortion facilities or abortion facility affiliates. We believe this makes Texas the first state to totally defund Planned Parenthood.

HB 15 – This bill requires that doctors in Texas perform a sonogram and offer an option to view the baby prior to obtaining an abortion. This bill also increases medical oversight of the abortion process.

SB 23 – This Medicaid reform bill contained language prohibiting state Medicaid dollars from being used to perform or promote elective abortions, or to contract with entities that perform or promote ele ctive abortions or affiliate with entities that perform or promote elective abortions. This bill unfortunately died on the last day of the regular session, but is back up in the special session that started this week. I’m hopeful that we will be successful in keeping this pro-life language in the bill.

It is a pleasure to serve you in the Texas Legislature.

Thank you,

Phil King
State Representative