King Announces Historic Pro-Life Accomplishments

June 28, 2011

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AUSTIN – Today, State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford) announced several historic accomplishments for the pro-life movement from this legislative session:

Passed HB 15 – The Sonogram Bill
The abortion industry is suing for an injunction and recruiting abortion clinics in Texas to join a class action lawsuit to stop this historic law from taking effect. Many pro-life advocacy groups, pregnancy centers and legislators will be involved in the defense of the new law, which is considered the strongest in the nation.

Increased funds for the State’s Alternatives to Abortion Program
Since 2005, Texas has funded alternatives to abortion through an allocation to the Health and Human Services Commission. The funds for this landmark program were not only protected, but also increased in HB 1.

Cut funds to the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood
The abortion industry receives funds through the state’s family planning revenue streams. With the successful adoption of eight amendments to HB 1, $64.2 million was redirected to other health and human services programs, and the distribution of the remaining family planning funds is now restricted. Preliminary estimates are that $88 million was taken from all abortion providers, with $47 million of that from Planned Parenthood alone.

Stopped abortion funding at county hospitals
County hospital districts can adopt policies to use taxpayer funds for abortions at their local hospitals. An amendment to SB 7 (special session) closed that loophole, preventing local hospital districts from paying for abortions at the county hospitals.

Anti-Life Measures Stopped:
• SB 188 on genetic counseling
• HB 2967 on Travis County Hospital District making capital or financial donations to non-profit organizations
• Women’s Health Program reauthorizing legislation that would have expanded abortion funding
• Measures to attack Pro-Life pregnancy centers