King Endorses Conservative Budget Plan

March 21, 2012

Contact Information:
(817) 381-8282

AUSTIN – State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford) today lauded the organization Texans for a Conservative Budget for their hard work in laying out a conservative roadmap for the next Texas budget. King announced his intention to work toward achieving many of the measures included in the plan during the next legislative session.

Revamping the public education system in Texas by ending expensive, unnecessary mandates on school districts; reducing welfare entitlement spending; cutting over-regulation, and unnecessary state programs; and implementing spending and taxing limits, are just a few of the measures included in the plan.

“Heading into the next legislative session Texas is facing a deficit of several billion dollars, which will only be a portion of the deficit created by increased expenditures Texas will be responsible for under Obamacare. This proposal is a bold, strategic template for the Legislature to use when considering how to address the challenges facing our state,” King explained, “Although there is room for debate over the details of this budget plan, I strongly endorse the principles and concepts behind this roadmap. I would like to thank all of the organizations that worked so hard to put this plan together and look forward to working closely with them next session to pass the most responsible and effective budget we can for Texas.”

Texans for a Conservative Budget is an organization comprised of several grassroots groups that rolled out a comprehensive budget proposal yesterday at the Texas Capitol. A summary of the plan may be found at the following link: