King Op-Ed: “Elections are a Hiring Choice”

October 12, 2012

Weatherford Telegram

State Representative Phil King

During this time of year, especially during Presidential election years, it’s very easy to become disenchanted with all of the noise coming from both sides. I would like to urge you to do your best to break through the rhetoric, TV ads, emails and all the rest of it and put yourself in the mindset of an employer looking to hire a new employee. Think of the candidate as someone you are solely responsible for hiring to the position he or she may be running for (Justice of the Peace, Congressman, President, and anything in between).

Spend some time thinking about those traits that you would want in your employee: solid values and convictions, experience, maturity, and a strong work ethic. Does the candidate have a work record that shows they are effective at their job? You should also take into consideration what the requisite skills and knowledge base for the job to which the candidate is applying are, and whether or not they have those tools to serve in that position. Is this individual a person of character – are they someone you would trust your company’s money with?

Take President Obama for example. Many people voted for him based on his smooth talk and rock star image and not because he had a proven record or was necessarily the most trustworthy candidate (in fact, you may argue that he had a complete lack of experience for the job of President). Sadly, his lack of experience has damaged this country to the point that it will require years of work and reform to repair.

Too often we put our elected officials on a pedestal and forget that they are elected to WORK and SERVE we the people. Elections should not be a popularity contest, but rather should be about making the choice of which candidate will be the best servant and representative of our interests. It is essential to “hire” someone that is going to be a good steward of our taxpayer dollars and practice fiscal restraint in government spending. We must begin to think of our elections as a hiring choice if we are going to right the ship and begin to fix our country’s economy.

Back here at home, this November I’m asking you to review my employment record and ask all of these questions about me. I would appreciate the opportunity to keep working for you in the Texas House of Representatives to keep Texas on the path of economic prosperity. It has truly been an honor to serve you in Austin and I hope that you will find my track record is one that has produced good results for the residents of Parker and Wise counties.

Please join me at the polls to ensure that we hire the best people for the job to ensure that the United States and Texas remain the best place in the world to work and live.

State Representative Phil King serves Parker and Wise counties in the Texas House of Representatives.