King Files Bill to Give School Districts Testing Choices

December 19, 2012

Contact Information:
(817) 381-8282

AUSTIN – This week, State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford) filed H.B. 290, a bill that would give Texas independent school districts local options and flexibility in testing their students. School districts would have the ability, with approval from the Texas Education Agency, to select an assessment test that best fits their community, taking the place of the current, one-size-fits-all, state-administered STAAR test.

“I continually hear complaints from teachers, administrators, school board members and parents that our standardized testing has become excessive and not a true measure of how our children are performing. I am concerned that our educators are having to shift resources and valuable time to keep up with testing requirements and other state and federal mandates while our teachers are unable to provide the quality education that they are qualified and trained to do,” King explained, “This bill simply allows districts the flexibility, if they so choose, to utilize other testing models and allows communities to have a role in student assessments.”

H.B 290 will be considered before the Texas Legislature when it convenes for the legislative session on January 8, 2013. King has pledged to continue to fight for public education and greater autonomy for schools at the local level.

In closing, King explained, “As we work to find the right balance of accountability, giving school districts more local control and flexibility without compromising standards is an important first step.”