Fighting Obamacare and Protecting Texans

March 21, 2015

Texas voters spoke loud and clear last November. Legislators were sent to Austin to govern conservatively and tackle some of the biggest issues facing not only our state, but also our entire country. I’m proud to tell you we are working hard to solve the problems that matter most to you.

Fighting Obamacare

Recently, I filed House Bill 2467 to stop an automatic tax increase triggered by Obamacare. This increase is in effect, a tax on a tax, and will result in higher healthcare costs for hardworking Texas families. I would invite you to read more about House Bill 2467 by clicking here. Rest assured I will continue to do everything I can to oppose Obamacare.

Shocking News About Driver’s Licenses

Would you believe that over 6,000 people from Iran and North Korea have been issued a Texas Driver’s License? I didn’t believe it myself until my friend, Representative Tony Dale, brought this issue to my attention. I strongly urge you to watch this news piece on Rep. Dale’s legislation to address this issue. I’m proud to be a joint author on his bill and will keep you updated on this story.

Protecting Texans

This week the House passed landmark legislation by a vote of 142-0 that will increase the penalties regarding human trafficking and the sex trafficking of children. House Bill 10 removes the statute of limitations on the trafficking of children under the age of 18. It also creates a Child Sex Trafficking Prevention Unit. Governor Abbott declared fighting human trafficking an emergency item earlier this session, and I’m proud to stand with him against the criminals who commit these heinous crimes.

Border Security

House Bill 11 passed this week. When signed, this bill will make Texas the only state in the nation that has a long-term plan to address border security. Addressing border security is a top priority for Texans and as long as the federal government shirks its constitutional duty to defend our borders the Legislature will act.

Looking Ahead

You’ve probably heard about the discussion happening at the Legislature concerning the restriction of energy production in local communities. On Monday, the House Energy Resources Committee will hear testimony on two pieces of legislation that are designed to address this issue. I am the lead author of House Bill 539 and a joint author on House Bill 40. One of the key reasons Texas is a leader in job creation is because businesses know our state offers consistent regulation along with a predictable business climate. It is detrimental to the future of our state’s economy to have a patchwork of energy regulations that can literally change when you walk from one street to another. I strongly believe that the state, not cities, is where energy production should be regulated. However, I also believe there are acceptable instances where cities should have a clearly defined role in this process on matters such as land use and zoning. Finding the right balance between protecting the welfare of the public and allowing businesses to grow and create jobs is essential for Texas’ future.

We expect the hearing to begin around 3:30pm on Monday and you can watch here.

As you can see I’m working hard to protect the values that make our state great. If I, or my office, can ever be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at (512) 463-0738.