Weekly Lege Update – April 12, 2015

April 12, 2015

There are only 50 days left in the 84th Legislative Session! It isn’t uncommon to see committees meet until well past midnight and debate on the House floor is getting longer. The Legislature is working hard and I know at the conclusion of the session you will be proud of the conservative victories achieved.

Make Your Voice Heard On Tax Cuts

This week House and Senate began a vigorous debate on tax cuts. The debate between the House and Senate is centered around how large the cuts will be. House members laid out a tax relief plan of nearly $5 billion this week that cuts sales tax for the first time in Texas history and reduces the franchise tax by 25%. The Senate plan proposes relief in the form of a property tax reduction and cuts the franchise tax by 15%. The House plan includes about $500 million more in tax relief than the Senate plan.

I have three priorities regarding tax cuts. First, I want tax cuts that you and your family can actually feel. Next, I want the taxes we cut to create jobs and help the business climate in our state. Finally, I want these cuts to be the beginning of the end of the business franchise tax.

I need to hear from you on this issue. Please participate in my online poll and tell me what matters most to you. There’s nothing to sign up for – I simply want to know what tax cut would most benefit your family. Please take a second to make your voice heard.

Click here to tell me what tax cut matters most to you!

Thank you for participating. You can expect to hear much more on this subject in the coming weeks.

State & Federal Power & Responsibility Committee Update

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time as Chairman of the Select Committee on State & Federal Power & Responsibility. This committee has examined important ways to advance the conservative cause in Texas. Our committee has passed legislation thaturges Congress to balance the federal budget, statutorily defines how Texas can continually review and fight against out-of-control federal actions, and also advanced legislation regarding Article V of the United States Constitution. I’m proud to lead a committee that stands up for our constitutional rights and is leading the charge to insulate Texas against the disastrous policies of the federal government.

Border Prosecution Unit

A Texas Parks & Wildlife warden patrolling the Rio Grande

This week the House passed legislation that strengthens our efforts to secure the Texas border. House Bill 12 formally codifies the Border Prosecution Unit. This unit will ease the caseload of border prosecutors by appointing special prosecutors to tackle border-specific crimes like money laundering and gang activity. House Bill 12 is one of Governor Abbott’s priorities and now heads to the Senate.