Conservatives are Winning!

April 19, 2015

This has been a historic week for conservatives! I’m happy to report to you that the promises made by the Texas House are being kept. In the past few days we have ensured that responsible oil & gas production will continue for years to come, fought to protect the unborn and passed historic legislation that affirms your 2nd Amendment rights.

House Bill 40

The House made a powerful statement by overwhelmingly passing House Bill 40 this week by a vote of 122-18. House Bill 40 was filed to address the City of Denton’s ban on hydraulic fracturing. I am proud to be a lead joint author on this legislation that will ensure Texas maintains consistent regulation when it comes to oil & gas production. My colleagues on both sides of the aisle made it clear that having a patchwork of energy regulations that can literally change when you cross the street from one municipality to the next is an untenable solution for our state. The legislation does not prevent a city from addressing traffic, noise, aesthetics and similar concerns.

Protecting Life & Strengthening Parental Rights

HB 723 graphic

Protecting life and strengthening parental rights are causes I have always championed as your state representative. Most Texans don’t know about a 1999 law that allows children to seek an abortion without their parent’s permission. This process is known as judicial bypass. As a parent and grandparent I find this process deeply disturbing. That’s why I filed House Bill 723. Earlier this week I had the opportunity to present this bill in committee. I am working with my Republican colleagues to make certain the House addresses this issue.

Open Carry

open carry graphic

The House voting board lights up green when open carry is passed.

History was made this week when the House passed legislation that expands 2nd Amendment rights. Soon Texans will be able to openly carry their handguns if they so choose. Texas gun owners will still be required to hold a license to open carry much like concealed carry holders do today. House Bill 910 must still be squared with the Senate version before it heads to Governor Abbott’s desk for his signature. As a coauthor of this legislation, I was pleased that House Republicans lived up to another campaign promise.

Great Visits This Week

TFRW graphic

I enjoyed seeing my friends from Parker County who were in town for the Texas Federation of Republican Women’s Legislative Day.

realtors graphic

Realtors from House District 61 visit my Capitol office for their legislative day.

Looking Ahead

The House Ways & Means Committee voted out a $4.9 billion tax relief package that will soon head to the House floor. Since the House and Senate are still negotiating exactly what the final tax relief package will look like I plan keep you updated how the cuts are taking shape. In the coming days and weeks I want to share information that shows exactly what tax relief will mean for you. I invite you to “like” my Facebook page where you will find regular updates in addition to these emails.

On Monday, my bill dealing with the Travis County Public Integrity Unit will be debated on the House floor. Current law places too much power in the hands of a single county official. I am humbled that when I step up to the microphone to present House Bill 1690 I will have over 60 coauthors supporting me on this legislation.