Legislative Update

December 8, 2015

Last week we had yet another very successful conference of the American Legislative Exchange Council where I have been serving as the National Chairman. ALEC in its 43rd year is where conservative policy makers and job creators come together to identify best practices and innovative policy for state governments. Nearly one-quarter of our country’s state legislators are members serving alongside companies that provide over 30 million jobs.

This week we heard from presidential candidate and neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. His full speech can be viewed online HERE. (Carson speech begins at 33:32)

ALEC 2015 SNPS Meeting Award for ALEC National Chairman Phil King

Pictured above presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, 2015 ALEC National Chair Rep. Phil King (R-TX), 2016 ALEC National Chair Sen. Leah Vukmir (R-WI)

We also heard from Mr. Mark Meckler and former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn discussing an Article V Convention of States. The Convention of States has organized over one million volunteers in the nation that are concerned with the tremendous amount of overreach from our federal government. It was indeed the states that created the federal government. For more information about the the Convention of States Project and how you can get involved, click HERE.

Pictured above: CSG President Mark Meckler , ALEC National Chairman Rep. Phil King (R-TX), ALEC CEO Lisa Nelson, Sen. Jim Buck (R- IN), Sen. Leah Vukmir (R-WI), and former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn