Why I’m Not Afraid to Support Donald Trump

July 25, 2016

I’m supporting Donald Trump. I know he’s not perfect but he’s demonstrated at least three qualities that will make him a good president:

  1. He has strong leadership skills;
  2. He surrounds himself with competent advisors; and
  3. His core policy positions are sound.

I know Trump believes in:

  • Putting America first;
  • Securing our borders,
  • Restoring a strong national defense;
  • Fiscal restraint in government;
  • Cutting taxes and reducing federal regulation; and
  • Appointing Supreme Court justices who will follow the Constitution.

I can’t say any of these things about Hillary Clinton. So, for me, this is all pretty simple and I am disappointed when people talk about not voting. Hillary Clinton’s record is well known. Mrs. Clinton will not put America first. She will not secure our borders. She will not build a strong national defense, demand fiscal restraint, cut taxes, reduce regulation or appoint good justices.

How can any Republican sit this one out?

I hope you will join me in supporting our Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump!