CPS and Foster Care System Reform Legislation, East Parker County Chamber Day and Constituent Meetings

February 19, 2017

CPS and Foster Care System Reform

The House is making child protection the top priority of the 85th Legislation Session through funding and comprehensive reform of the system. I am fully committed to taking the necessary steps to protect children in Texas. The proposed House budget will allocate additional funding to improve salaries and hire more caseworkers. HB 4, HB 5, and HB 6 have been filed and if passed, will implement reforms that will strengthen kinship care placements, reorganize DFPS into a stand-alone agency, and allow for a transition to a community-based foster care system.

These changes are designed to drastically overhaul a failing system, and to provide the children of Texas with the protection and care that they deserve.

I support these legislative efforts that will reform the system to provide better protection for children and more efficiency in the use of taxpayer dollars. If passed, this legislation will help provide faster intervention for children in danger and increase the number of loving and stable foster homes available to them.

Constituent Meetings
We had many constituents from the district visit Austin this week to share their legislative priorities. I sat down with Northwest ISD Superintendent Dr. Ryder Warren and Jack Teddlie with the Texas Retired Teachers Association. Janet Minke, a constituent with the Texas Land & Title Association stopped by, and I shared a very pleasant visit with Pastor Franz Schemmel of Messiah Lutheran Church. Michelle Slonaker with the Chico Public Library was kind enough to make the drive south to talk with me about improving broadband access for rural libraries, and a family from Parker County visited the Capitol to spread awareness about their pitbull rescue.

East Parker County Chamber Legislative Day

Thank you to all of those that made the long drive to Austin to attend East Parker County Legislative Day! I passed HR 392 to honor the Chamber and welcome them to the Texas Capitol. We had a great time discussing legislative priorities and touring the capitol.