Filing Deadline, Flat Stanley and Committee Hearings

March 12, 2017

Filing Deadline Today! Marks the 60th Day of Session

Today marks the 60th day of the 85th session which is also is the last day to file all non-emergency bills. For the next 30 days of the regular legislative session, the committees of each chamber will be holding hearings to consider all bills, resolutions and other undecided matters. Last session a total of 11,356 bills were filed (including both House and Senate). Our pace at the 45 day mark of the 85th session had increased by roughly 16 percent. If the pace keeps up, we expect to have over 13,000 bills filed this session.

House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety

The House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety, which I chair, met Tuesday morning to hear the first bills scheduled for a public hearing. We heard several bills that exempt volunteers at churches who provide security services from having to meet stringent licensing requirements. Currently, if a place of worship has volunteers who organize together for security patrol, they are required by law to become a licensed private security company. Next week we will be hearing several bills regarding subjects ranging from carrying of a weapon by first responders, driver license issues and criminal history records. I expect my committee to receive close to 200 bill referrals.

Flat Stanley Makes A Visit

The capitol was graced by a celebrity amongst elementary school circles. My granddaughter’s Flat Stanley joined us for a week under the dome full of important meetings with Speaker Straus, Attorney General Paxton, and Comptroller Hegar to name a few! He strolled the capitol lawn to smell the roses and even got to sit at Representative King’s desk.

Spring Break

Terry and I wish everyone a great and relaxing Spring Break. If you are driving through Austin, please come stop by the office in the Capitol and say hello. We always enjoy visitors from the district.