Preserving Texas’ Voter ID Law

August 25, 2017

Since passage in 2011, Texas’ Voter ID Law has been under continual attack in federal courts.

In an effort to preserve a Voter ID law in Texas elections, earlier this year Senator Joan Huffman and I authored SB 5. This legislation was skillfully constructed to ensure that every eligible Texan who wishes to vote can do so.

Under SB 5 as signed into law, every individual whose circumstances the court found of concern will be able to cast a regular ballot in the ballot box.

Unfortunately, yesterday U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos of Corpus Christi ruled again against Texas’ voter ID law by granting a permanent injunction. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will immediately appeal this ruling.

I am confident that our Voter ID law will be upheld and that Texas will preserve this integral tool to maintain election integrity in our state.