Remembering the Holocaust and Property Tax Reform

February 3, 2019

Remembering the Holocaust

This week I was honored to carry HR 129 commemorating the 74th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and death camp.  On International Holocaust Remembrance Day we memorialize the six million Jewish victims of the Nazi regime. It is critical that we educate future generations about the tragic events of the holocaust to help prevent future genocide.  

To watch the adoption of HR 129, click on the image above.

Property Tax Reform

 This week identical bills were introduced in the Texas House and Senate for property tax reform.  These bills increase transparency in the property tax system, lower the maximum rate of increase from 8 to 2.5%, and generally empower property owners to take a more active role in rate setting.   I know additional legislation will soon follow.  

This is a significant first step toward reforming our antiquated property tax system.  In addition to this reform, we will still need legislation that will provide true property tax relief to the citizens of Parker and Wise counties.  This relief will come through the overhaul of our school finance system and will likely be through a state buy down of local school taxes.  

Committees will begin hearings next week.  We are at the beginning of the legislative session so there is a long journey ahead for discussions on school finance reform and property tax relief before any effective change. But having identical bills filed in both chambers demonstrates legislative commitment to reform.  

Constituents Visit the Capitol 

Students from Weatherford College came by my office to discuss their legislative priorities during Community College Day.

I also met with leaders from Boyd ISD about how we can better support public education.