Facts About Property Tax Appraisals and Protecting 2nd Amendment

April 28, 2019

Facts About Texas Property Tax Appraisal Process 

Many of you have called our office to share your frustrations about your recent appraisal.  I completely understand and share your frustrations.  My appraisal for a home I have owned for over 25 years also skyrocketed.  Appraisals are managed and set at the city and county level. Tax rates are set at the city and county level. The state does not impose a property tax.  I strongly encourage you to file a protest. I am. We still have 5 weeks of the legislative session left and providing property tax relief to constituents is my number one priority.  I have several amendments prepared to try to freeze appraisals and slow down the growth and provide targeted tax relief.  We will be debating SB 2 on the House floor this Tuesday and the Senate is working through HB 3 the school finance bill which provides tax relief by increasing the homestead exemption.  I am hopeful that when session concludes we will have meaningful property tax reform.  These high appraisals are happening all over the state.  There is no justification for this.  I have been unable to determine any justification for the extreme increase in appraisals.

We have had many questions about how the chief appraiser and board members are selected.  In every county the local taxing units (school districts, cities, etc.) appoint the board that oversees their county’s appraisal district. The board then hires the chief appraiser who then runs the appraisal office and process. Thus, the taxing units are ultimately in charge of the appraisal process.  Read more about the property tax process and how to protest your appraisal HERE.  

Standing Up for the Right to Bear Arms

I am proud to have supported several bills to protect law-abiding Texas gun owners and the right to bear arms. HB 121, HB 302, HB 1177, and HB 2137 have all passed the House of Representatives and are now being considered in the Senate.

  • HB 121 ensures law-abiding handgun license holders are not penalized for accidentally carrying their handgun where it is not allowed. Currently, an individual could enter a business and inadvertently walk by or not see a sign prohibiting guns. This bill recognizes the innocent mistake made by a handgun license holder and would allow them to use a defense to prosecution, so they are not convicted of a class C misdemeanor.
  • HB 302 clears up confusion related to the right of individuals to carry guns at their apartment or condominium complex. The bill protects the rights of owners and tenants of residential units to lawfully possess firearms and ammunition in their apartments or condominiums, and to transport them between their vehicles and their residential unit.
  • HB 1177 protects citizens from being charged with a crime for carrying a handgun while evacuating from or returning to an area subject to a mandatory order issued during a declared state or local disaster. The bill offers a temporary protection to honest Texans whose Licenses to Carry is lost or damaged due to flood, wind, or fire, and to those who don’t have a license because they never envisioned a need to transport or carry their handguns outside the home.
  • HB 2137 exempts an honorably retired peace officer from completing the classroom instruction portion of the required handgun proficiency course if the officer complies with certain requirements and holds a current certificate of proficiency to obtain a license to carry a handgun. Our peace officers understand the importance of responsible, law-abiding gun ownership and we are honoring their sacrifice and expertise with HB 2137.

TFRW Legislative Day 

This week was Texas Federation of Republican Women Day at the Capitol. I always enjoy recognizing great work these women are doing in Parker and Wise counties and all over the state.