Texas Failing 2020 Census & Covid-Killing Air System for Schools

August 24, 2020

Complete the 2020 Census: Why Does it Matter?

Texas ranks 39th with only 59.4% of Texans responding to the census.  The deadline to complete the count is September 30, 2020, just around the corner. 

Much of the federal funding that comes to Texas is allocated on a per capita basis.  Federal funding comes from your hard earned taxed dollars that were sent to Washington, DC.  So, regardless of how we feel about federal programs, we want to get as much of our money back in Texas as we can to help fund roads, hospitals, first responders, schools, etc (over 100 federal programs).  Let’s not stand for our tax dollars going to another state.  

Also, the 435 U.S. Congressional seats are apportioned between states based on population.  Prior to the pandemic, estimates of a full count suggest Texas could have 39 seats, three more than our current 36.  However, at the current response rate, we could actually lose congressional representation.  That just sends Texas’ clout to other states.  

Finally, an accurate census lets us know where people reside along with other basic demographic information.  This helps state and local governments (and business) more efficiently allocate resources for everything from transportation to water to education.  As with everything, unreliable data leads to poor planning and mistakes.  

If you haven’t already, please join me in completing the Census by visiting https://my2020census.gov/.  

Slidell ISD in Wise County first school district to deploy COVID-killing air filtration system

 I could not be more proud of Slidell ISD.  This technology will provide unparalleled safety and peace of mind.  This just shows you don’t have to be big to lead in Texas – just smart, innovative and willing to take a different path.

To read more about IVP system featured in Wise County Messenger click HERE.

Clay Shoot Tournament

On September 24th I will be hosting a Clay Shoot Tournament to support my re-election campaign.  I have an opponent in the general election.  If you are interested in forming a team, shooting as an individual or just joining for lunch please let us know!  Hope to see you there.  For more information click HERE.