Power Outage Update & Survey of Damage

February 18, 2021

Power Closer to Full Restoration

Power has been restored to another 2 million homes across Texas. There are still hundreds of thousands to go. We know now that around 185 generation units tripped offline and today we still have 36,000 MW offline – 14,600 MW wind and solar and 21,400 MW thermal (nuclear, coal and natural gas).

At this time, if you are still without power it is possible that power lines are down or the provider needs to manually reconnect to get you power. Please contact your provider if you suspect this is the case. Every truck available for repairs should be dispatched working to fix any lines that remain down around the state.

More items have now been added to the Texas Legislature’s emergency agenda including mandatory winterization of power generators and systems. As I wrote yesterday this was a major cause of the failures this week. An estimated one-half the electric generation capacity went offline because plants and related facilities weren’t properly winterized.

Over the coming weeks as we investigate we will identify all of the causes, issue findings and propose solutions. Everyone wants to know who to blame. Please understand, there is not going to be a single person or agency bearing all the fault.

Much fault will be found at the regulatory levels of ERCOT and the Public Utility Commission. Some companies within the electric power industry will have failed. And there will be blame to lay at the feet of the Texas Legislature where I serve. The important thing is to correct this where it will never happen again. I commit to you that we will get this done.

Survey of Statewide Damage

At the request of Texas Division of Emergency Management, emergency managers across the state of Texas have been asked to collect damage assessment data for this unprecedented winter storm. The state will use the data they collect to attempt to open up disaster relief to citizens.

I encourage you to take the time to fill this out and share with friends and family. There is a request in to the federal government asking for a major disaster declaration. If this is granted, this will allow individuals to apply for assistance with FEMA to restore damage to homes if it is not covered by insurance.

If you have experienced damage, please click on the link below:

The attached QR Code will also take you to the link.

Insurance Tips Following Winter Storms

  • Call your insurance company ASAP
  • Document damage with lists, photo’s, etc.
  • Take steps to further prevent damage
  • Keep receipts of all related expenses
  • Be ready for questions about damages
  • Keep notes of conversations about your claim
  • Ask if advance payment is required
  • Ask if alternate living expenses are covered
  • Try to be there when adjuster comes
  • Save proof that you paid your deductible
  • For more information and how to make sure to avoid fraud visit Texas Department of Insurance HERE.

Water Bills & Other Needs

I know many of you have expressed concerns over possible large water bills from this winter storm due to dripping faucets, leaks or busted pipes. I have talked to many of our local water providers and they have indicated they will be working with customers. Please be on the look out for more information.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office. We will try to assist in any way we can. There are a lot of local resources available if you are in need of food, water or any other critical provision at this time.

I am very proud of our local community for stepping up in this crisis. There are countless stories where our first responders, chambers, emergency managers, churches and local officials have risen up to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our citizens, friends and neighbors.

I hope you are safe and thawing out now. I’m nervous over a few of our yet frozen pipes and I am sure you are too. I know our well house has a large block of ice protruding from the booster pump! Not a good sign.

I know this has created dire situations for many of our residents and rest assured we will get to the truth and never let this happen again. I know for me this has been a reminder to be thankful for the many things I so often take for granted. We live in such a great time and place that we forget what a blessing it is to have simple things like heat in the cold and electricity and water in abundance.

Please pray for our State. Please pray for help for everyone with damaged homes and businesses. Pray especially for those who are most vulnerable and unable to easily recover.

Join me tomorrow morning on the Mark Davis show, 660 AM, at 8:35 am to talk about these blackouts.