Congressman Roger Williams, Over 700 Endorsements And Growing

October 4, 2021


 Our momentum continues!   

As you know, I announced my candidacy for the Texas Senate last Monday.   Since announcing, the outpouring of support has been humbling.   Today, in less than a week, I’m honored to release the names of over 700 supporters backing our campaign.  

I’m also grateful that Congressman Roger Williams is now endorsing me.   

Please take a minute to see the news below.  If you are on this list, thank you.   And if you would like to add your name to our next list, click the button below, add your name, and we’ll be sure and add you to the next list of endorsements. 

Terry and I appreciate your support and friendship.


KING EARNS SUPPORT FROM CONGRESSMAN ROGER WILLIAMS; OVER 700 CITIZENS ENDORSE BIG FOR TEXAS SENATEFollows Endorsements from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Gov. Perry, Gov. Huckabee, Comm. Wayne Christian and Numerous Conservative Leaders

(PARKER COUNTY) – Today, State Representative Phil King received a resounding show of support from his home county, as an initial list of over 700 local supporters endorsed his campaign for Texas Senate District 10 (see list below).   King also announced the endorsement of Congressman Roger Williams, who represents Johnson County. 

Williams said, “I’ve known Phil King and his family for decades. He is a good friend and I have supported him for years and will continue to support him in the future. He is well respected in his community for his principled-driven leadership. Phil will continue to be a staunch advocate for small business, taxpayers, and conservative values, and I look forward to continuing to work along side him.”  Williams is a businessman, Texas’ 105th Secretary of State, and Former Republican Party of Texas Victory Chair.

The group of over 700 citizens includes a broad list of current and former elected officials, faith leaders, grass roots conservatives, business and community leaders, and Republicans with a long history of working and volunteering in campaigns. 

Weatherford businessman and campaign Treasurer Jimmy Day said, “This announcement underscores the level of support Phil enjoys in the county he has represented for years.  There are many people who know and respect Phil and his entire family and are ready to help him win votes here in Parker County and in the many counties and communities across Senate District 10.”

This announcement follows last week’s endorsements from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Governor Rick Perry, Governor Mike Huckabee, Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Wayne Christian,
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, Former Dallas Cowboy Jay Novacek and his wife Amy, conservative statewide leaders David Barton, Rick Green, Tim Lambert, John Graves, and many others.

Parker County Judge Pat & Kathy Deen 
Parker County Sheriff Russ & Linda Authier
Parker County Attorney John Forrest
Parker County Treasurer Jenny Barnwell
Parker County Commissioner George Conley
Parker County Commissioner Steve Dugan
Parker County Commissioner Craig & Deborah Peacock
Parker County Commissioner Larry Don Walden
Parker County Constable Joe Harris, Jr.

Mayor Kit Marshall, Aledo
Mayor Jay Hamilton, Brock
Mayor Marc Povero, Hudson Oaks
Mayor Don Smelley, Peaster 
Mayor Paul & Courtney Paschall, Weatherford
Mayor Doyle Moss, Willow Park
City Councilman Nick Stanley, Aledo
City Councilman & Precinct Chair Kevin Cleveland, Weatherford
City Councilman & Precinct Chair Matt & Kelly Ticzkus, Weatherford
City Councilman Eric Contreras & JJ Williams-Contreras, Willow Park

Lori & Lance Johnson, Poolville, Peaster ISD Superintendent*
Dr. Katarina Lindley, Brock ISD School Board Trustee
Beth & Toby Taylor, Weatherford ISD School Board Trustee

Elizabeth Bergman Bozzell, Millsap, GOP Precinct Chair
Brian (Weatherford ISD School Board Trustee) & Lisa Catlin, Weatherford, GOP Precinct Chair
Earlene Clouse, Springtown, GOP Precinct Chair
Susan Freeman, Weatherford, GOP Precinct Chair
Jimmy Gregory, Springtown, GOP Precinct Chair
Marsha Hardin, Azle, GOP Precinct Chair
Dr. Luke & Ashtyn Haynes, Weatherford, GOP Precinct Chair
Marvin Herring, Aledo, GOP Precinct Chair
Chris & Laura Hester, Weatherford, GOP Precinct Chair
Ed Huddleston, Hudson Oaks, GOP Precinct Chair
Howard Story, Aledo, GOP Precinct Chair
Rosemarie Swaim, Weatherford, GOP Precinct Chair
Ryan Towson, Aledo, GOP Precinct Chair
Joe & Karen Wilkinson, Weatherford, GOP Precinct Chair

Susan Adams, Aledo
Joel & Lisa Aldridge, Weatherford
Andy & Tiffany Alfaro, Weatherford
Lucas & Jessica Allen, Aledo
Jeff & Nikki Anderson, Fort Worth
Dr. Tom Annunziato, Weatherford
Aaron & Denise Austin, Weatherford
Troy & Sunny Austin, Aledo
Lance & RaeAnn Arnold, Weatherford
Allison Baker, Weatherford 
Brent & Elizabeth Baker, Weatherford
Brandon & Shayla Baldwin, Weatherford
Sheri Baliff, Weatherford 
Mike & Sundee Barnes, Weatherford  
Gloria G. Barron, Aledo
David & Cheryl Barton, Founder, WallBuilders*
Tim & Gabby Barton, President, WallBuilders*
Lin & Tiffany Bearden, Weatherford
Allison Bedore, Weatherford
Kevin & MJ Bentley, Aledo
Jonathan & Chery Berry, Weatherford
Jack & Gail Blair, Willow Park
Ava Blais, Hudson Oaks
Marc & Nicole Blanton, Weatherford
Debra Bobbitt, Hudson Oaks
Kevin & Tracy Bolen, Weatherford
Brian & Carrie Bond, Weatherford, Pastor, Greenwood Baptist Church*
Dr. Ron & Catherine Boney, Weatherford
Chris & Amy Bonnett, Weatherford
Greg Borders, Aledo
Marcus & Katlyn Bowen, Willow Park
Chuck & Sara Bratcher, Peaster
Joe & Marilyn Bratcher, Aledo
Jeff & Leslie Broseh, Weatherford
Dr. Steve & Julie Brown, Weatherford
Bob & Mary Ann Brown Millsap
Jim & Pam Brown, Weatherford,
Andy & Misty Browning, Weatherford
Cleve & Alicia Brunson, Brock
Jeane Brunson, Weatherford
Chris Bryant, Willow Park
Rebekah Bryant, Aledo
Cameron & Chelsea Bryson, Weatherford
Michelle Buchanan, Springtown
Rusty & ReVay Bullock, Weatherford
Larry & Connie Bunn, Weatherford
Caleb & Anna Burk, Gordon
Steven & Courtney Butler, Weatherford
Steve & Debbie Burdett, Weatherford
Chris & Tami Cain, Weatherford
William & Debra Camp, Weatherford
Rick & Mindy Campbell, Aledo
Linda Caram, Fort Worth
Darren & Annie Carbone, Weatherford
Keith & Suzanne Carlson, Weatherford
Debbie Carney, Weatherford
Maxine Carter, Brock
Mike & Nika Carter, Weatherford
Suzanne Carter, Weatherford
Matt & Kayla Cermak, Aledo
Barbara Chapman, Weatherford
Pam Chase, Aledo
Bryan Choate, Hudson Oaks
Bryson & Tiffany Clark, Weatherford
Brad & Tiffani Cockburn, Weatherford
Bryan & Ashley Conlon, Weatherford
Ross & Stacy Conner, Aledo
Dennis & Becky Connelly, Weatherford
Benny & Jennittie Cook, Weatherford
William & Lisa Cook, Aledo,
Cole Cooper, Aledo
John Cooper, Weatherford
Samantha Cooper, Aledo
Darin & Tara Copeland, Aledo
George Courtney, Weatherford
Randy Cox, Aledo
John & Kerry Crawford, Azle
Mark & Christy Creacy, Willow Park
Janie Davis, Weatherford
Ken & Gaila Davis, Weatherford
Caroll & Lawonna Dawson, Weatherford
Catherine Dawson, Weatherford
Jeremy & Wendy Day, Weatherford
Jimmy & Janice Day, Weatherford
Tim & Debbie Deary, Weatherford
Dave Deison, Weatherford
Donti Dennis, Weatherford
Kenlee Dennis, Weatherford
Regina DeVore, Weatherford
Belinda Dickerd, Weatherford
Joel & Jennifer Dickerson, Weatherford
Jarrod & Jill Dickey, Peaster
Darren Donaldson, Mineral Wells
John & Anita Dougherty, Weatherford
Jim & Susan Duncan, Weatherford
Rebekah Dugger, Weatherford
Jerry & Vickie Durant, Weatherford
David & Virginia Durnil, Aledo
Janet Duvall, Weatherford
Johnny Dwire, Weatherford  
Mariah Dyson, Weatherford
Dan & Terri Edwards, Aledo
Josh & Lindsay Edwards, Aledo
Mark & Sarah Eidson, Weatherford
Jack & Taylor Eggleston, Brock
Blake & Lori Ellis, Weatherford
Jennifer Ellis, Weatherford
Darryl Evans, Weatherford
Robert & Caroline Evans, Aledo
Adam & Mende Feriend, Weatherford
Daniel & Amy Ferguson, Weatherford
Layne Fields, Weatherford
Steve & Nida Fisher, Weatherford
Christina Fite, Weatherford
Jay & Judy Flanagin, Weatherford
Tim & Lisa Fleet, Fort Worth
David & Pam Flowers, Weatherford
Dr. Jeff Foland, Weatherford
Jordann Foland, Weatherford
Charles & Janet Foster, Weatherford
Kevin Foster, Weatherford
Dayna Fowler, Aledo
Gail Fowler, Aledo
Richard & Connie Fowler, Weatherford
Bruce & Mindy Frantz, Aledo
Brandon & Audrea Garrett, Weatherford
Dr. Burres & Glenda Garrison, Weatherford  
Joe & Doris Geer, Weatherford
John & Samantha Gibson, Weatherford
Robert & Donna Gibson, Weatherford
Adam & Christin Giddings, Weatherford
Charlie Gilchrist, Willow Park
Stephen Gilchrist, Aledo
Courtney Gildon, Aledo
Jim & Charlene Glaub, Weatherford
Tatyana Glaub, Weatherford
Steve & Deana Glaze, Weatherford
Bob & Carolyn Glenn, Weatherford
Lisa Marie Graves, Weatherford
Steve & Lynette Gray, Weatherford
Gregorio Gregory, Springtown
Paul Gregory, Springtown
Terri Grimes, Weatherford
Sonny & Janice Grissom, Hudson Oaks
JB & Lori Gross, Weatherford
Zachary & Miranda Gryder, Aledo
Joe & Kelly Hajj, Aledo
Coach Robert Hale, Weatherford
Kelli Hamilton, Weatherford
Matt & Lindsay Hamilton, Aledo
Monty & Denise Haney, Peaster
Matt & Kristen Hanvey, Aledo
Tony & Connie Hardee, Willow Park
Joe Harris, Weatherford
Jon & Shelly Hartman, Millsap
Mark & Peggy Hastings, Weatherford
Jill Harper, Weatherford
Dave & Debbie Harris, Weatherford
Jerry & Jan Harrison, Weatherford
Jared & Lauren Hawthorne, Weatherford
Austin & Mary Haye, Weatherford
Wayne & Sharon Hayes, Weatherford
Jessica Heath, Aledo
Bethany & Jordan Herrera, Willow Park
Steve & Cindy Hitt, Weatherford
Brett Hobson & Holly Echols, Weatherford
David & Lauren Hollier, Aledo
Jacob & Sarah Holt, Peaster
James & Angie Hotopp, Weatherford
Pastor Van Houser, North Side Baptist Church*
Keith & Lee Howell, Weatherford
Ricky & Erica Howell, Weatherford
Dr. Tom & Lucia Howorth, Aledo
Scott & Jennifer Hubley, Aledo
Tom Huffhines, Weatherford
Daniel Huffman, Weatherford
Teresa Hughes, Weatherford
Todd & Angie Huse, Weatherford
Scott & Darla Jackson, Aledo
Scott & Tina Jackson, Weatherford
Judy James, Weatherford
Jared & Brittany Jenson, Aledo
Scott & Jackie Jeter, Mineral Wells
Michael Johnson, Weatherford
Josh & Kasey Johnston, Hudson Oaks
Brandi & Stephen Jones, Poolville
Gordon & Candy Jones, Willow Park
Nick & Amber Jones, Weatherford
Bud & Dodie Jordan, Weatherford
Carl & Dr. Danica Jordan, Weatherford
Judd & Kaye Jordan, Weatherford
Kirk & Karen Joseph, Aledo
Jeff & Stephanie Kalbfleisch, Azle
Dr. Chuck & Rebecca Kautz, Weatherford
Brad & Effie Kieta, Aledo
Matt & Michel Kinder, Weatherford
Barbara King, Weatherford
Josh & Sarah King, Weatherford
Leah King, Weatherford
William King, Weatherford 
Chris & Kate Kiser, Weatherford
Dr. Ted & Lynn Kitchens, Aledo, Founding Pastor of Christ Chapel Bible Church, ret.*
Dr. Todd & Dr. Aly Kovach, Aledo
Zoli & Ashley Kovacs, Aledo
Dr. Eric & Courtney Kuykendall, Weatherford
Dawn King, Weatherford
Dan & Beckie Knox, Weatherford
Kevin Knox, Weatherford,
Brian & DeeAnna Krier, Weatherford
Keith & Teri Kubosh, Aledo
Brian & Loren Kuebler, Willow Park
Ray & Marilyn Kummerfeld, Weatherford
Robby & Renee Kyser, Willow Park
Tom & Sallie Kyser, Willow Park
Tommy & Sarah Kyser, Willow Park
Chuck & Julie Lambert, Springtown
Joe Lane, Willow Park
Justin & Kayleigh Langford, Brock
Randy & Mica Langford, Weatherford
Dr. Stephen & Saundra Lanier, Hudson Oaks
Matt & Darcie Lantz, Aledo
Juan Ramon Ñino Lara, Weatherford
Carrie Larkin, Weatherford
Rolf & Gay Larson, Annetta
Larry & Amber LaVelle, Azle
Dylan & Stacy LeBlue, Weatherford
Dennis & Barbie Ledford, Aledo  
Naomi & Craig Ledford, Aledo
Tim & Peggy Lewelling, Weatherford
Bob Lewis, Annetta
Gary Lightfoot, Weatherford
Nancy Linguist, Weatherford
Sam Linguist, Weatherford
Corey & Denise Linscombe
Larry D. & Faye Lippincott Weatherford,
Andy & Mary Littrell, Springtown
Terry & Dianna Looney, Weatherford
Louie Lou, Weatherford
Kindra D. Lucia, Weatherford
Bill & Michelle Lynch, Weatherford
Stacy Lynch, Weatherford
Scott & Meghan Lynd, Willow Park
Kayla Mac, Aledo
Kevin & Koree Mangum, Aledo
Peter & Amanda Mansfield, Aledo
James & Anna Rae Markalonis, Weatherford
Marion Marrs, Weatherford
Scott & Candy Marsh, Weatherford
Angie Martin, Weatherford  
Larry & April Martin, Aledo
Charlie & Cathy Martinez, Weatherford
Deborah Matthews, Fort Worth
Shaheen & Shannon Matuni, Aledo
Jennifer May, Aledo
Mark & Anna McAdams, Aledo
Nathan & Danielle, McCarty, Peaster
Gary & Stephanie McElroy, Peaster
Danny & Jana McFadden, Weatherford 
Cy & Jennifer McGuire, Aledo
Kevin & Ginger McKee, Aledo
Matt & Erin McKee, Willow Park
Brian & Courtney McKeown, Weatherford
Trey & Rochelle McKinley, Weatherford
Jeremy McNutt, Weatherford
Ricky & Brandie Minnich, Aledo
Rebekah Molenburg, Aledo
Byron & Whitney Monk, Aledo
Don & Becky Moon, Willow Park
Lyndsie Montgomery, Weatherford
Ryan & Angela Mordecai, Aledo
Jerry & Ashley Morris, Weatherford
Charles Morton, Weatherford
Ric & Kristy Moseley, Aledo, TX
Patrick & Amanda Murphey, Aledo
Roger & Betty Nelson, Weatherford
Allan & Sarah Newburn, Aledo
Erik & Kathleen Newell, Aledo
Kathy Nicholson, Weatherford
Gayle Norris, Poolville
Bob Nuttal, Weatherford
Carrie Olguin, Weatherford
Jeff & Anna Pamplin, Weatherford
Brett & Stephanie Parker, Aledo
John & Chelsey Patterson, Weatherford
Mark & Rena Peden, Fort Worth
Tim & Janay Pendley, Weatherford,
Daniel & Nicole Pennell, Poolville
Steve & Mary Pennington, Weatherford
Rob & Tara Tackett Penny, Weatherford
Wess & Corri Peterson, Aledo
Jacquelyn Pillow, Aledo
Marilyn Pillow, Aledo
Perry & Debbie Pillow, Aledo
Bill & Pam Pinkerton, Weatherford
Amber Plumlee, Weatherford
Joe Bob Plumlee, Weatherford
Philip & Stacey Pollard, Weatherford
Mark & Britany Powell, Weatherford
Bill & Cookie Pozun, Weatherford
Gary & Becky Peoples, Weatherford
Mike & Zan Prince, Weatherford
Michael & Leesa Purefoy, Weatherford
David & Nikki Rapp, Fort Worth
Daniel & Sarah Rasmussen, Weatherford
Alan & Martha Reilly, Annetta
Karen Renfro, Springtown
Matthew & Kasey Renfro, Fort Worth
Stephanie Rich, Willow Park
Charley & Nicole Rickey, Weatherford
Barry & Dr. Beth Riley, Fort Worth
Brian & Beth Roark, Aledo
Graham & Stacey Robbins, Aledo
Jessie & Suzanne Rodriguez, Weatherford
Lexi Rodriguez, Weatherford
Darrel & LeAnn Russell, Springtown
Faris & Tifani Russell, Aledo
Jay & Laura Satterfield, Willow Park
Brent Sauble, Aledo
John & Carol Savage, Weatherford
David & Kathy Sawyer, Weatherford
Brian & Katherine Sellers, Weatherford
Cindy Shannon, Weatherford,
Brian & Penny Shelton, Aledo
Don & Erna Schnebly, Weatherford
Britton & Jamie Schweitzer, Weatherford
Tony Seghetti, Fort Worth
Rex & Debbie Shrauner, Weatherford
Bob & Janelle Shepard, Weatherford
Mike & Karen Sherer, Weatherford
Jon Sherman, Weatherford, Trinity Bible Church*
Thomas & Debra Smith, Weatherford
Jack & Leah Smothers, Aledo
Mark & Pam Snowden, Willow Park
Cory & Kelli Stahl, Aledo
Kirk & Jeana Stallons, Aledo
Stephanie Stegall, Poolville
Shawn & Holly Stene, Aledo
Don & Kathi Stephan, Willow Park
Dr. Brooks & Kelly Stevens, Fort Worth
Ronnie & Marnita Stinnett, Weatherford
Emily Stockdale, Aledo
Mark & Diana Stodola, Aledo
Rodney & Kelly Stokes, Aledo
Richard & Susan Stone, Aledo
Marc & Kelly Strobel, Willow Park
Randy Summarell, Weatherford
Joshua & Caroline Swanson, Weatherford
Catherine Talbot, Weatherford
Martin & Lynn Talley, Aledo,
Bob & Kristen Tallman, Poolville
Jeff & Cindy Tamborello, Weatherford
Josh & Janelle Tankersley, Weatherford
Rick & Vickie Pitchford Terrel, Millsap
Brian & Laci Thomason, Weatherford
Chuck & Linda Tingle, Weatherford
Weldon Torbett, Weatherford 
Jala & Maggie Toss, Aledo
Courtney Towson, Aledo
DiAnn Towson, Weatherford
Laura Towson, Weatherford
Ashley Tucker, Willow Park
Jesse & Jill Tunnell, Mineral Wells
Chris & Ashley Turner, Willow Park
Kevin & Elizabeth Turner, Aledo
Tammy Unangst, Weatherford
David & Eliza Utley, Weatherford
Gary Utley, Weatherford
Stephanie Utley, Brock
Dedra & Charley Vick, Weatherford
Bianca Villarreal, Weatherford
Gregg & Gloria Vines, Annetta
Christal Wade, Weatherford
Chance & Christy Walker, Weatherford
Dr. Jeremy Watkins, Fort Worth
Brett & Rachael Watson, Weatherford
Dennis & Sherry Watters, Willow Park
Billy Weckel, Aledo
Shaun & Laura Weimer, Aledo
Mary & Gary Westenhover, Weatherford
Crystal & Justin Westlake, Springtown
Pastor Chuck Wetherbee, Victory Baptist Church*
Karen D. Williams, Weatherford
Mary Ann Williamson, Weatherford
Will & Karissa Wimberly, Weatherford
Bill & Ellen Woodward, Aledo
Dottie Worthington, Weatherford
Emma Wyatt, Aledo
Jared & Joni Yankus, Springtown
Tyler & Dana Yelverton, Weatherford
Sue Young, Aledo
Roxanna Young, Fort Worth
Robin Younk, Weatherford
Rodney & Tammy Yount, Mineral Wells

* for identification purposes only