Common Election Day Questions Answered

February 27, 2022

Can I vote at any polling location? 

The answer is a bit confusing because it is different county by county. 

Brown, Callahan, Palo Pinto, Parker and Tarrant counties allow county wide voting which means you can vote at ANY election day voting site.  

For Johnson, Shackelford and Stephens counties voting occurs at your designated voting precinct. Your precinct number can be found on your voter registration card.  If you can’t find your registration card you can also determine your precinct HERE.  (There might have been a change in your precinct number due to your local redistricting process.)

Where are the voting sites?

For a list of Election Day voting locations check out  We have a link set up for each of Senate District 10’s counties.

Do I need to bring my voter registration card?

You don’t have to have your voter registration card to vote.  Just bring a good ID.  If you can’t locate a valid ID you can still vote provisionally with later verification.  Just tell the poll workers your situation.  They are happy to help. 

When can I vote?

Early voting has closed but Election Day is Tuesday, March 1 and the polls will be open from 7 AM to 7 PM.  As long as you’re in line before 7 PM you’ll get to vote. 

Did my mail-in ballot get counted?

If you voted by mail you can track your ballot here HERE to make sure your vote is counted! 

What are the propositions on my ballot? 

The Republican Party of Texas has ten propositions on the Republican primary ballot.  These are unlike the Constitutional Amendments that you voted on in November where upon passage, it became law.  Rather these propositions are gauging voters’ interest in a particular topic facing Texans.  These propositions are then used by RPT and Texas Republicans on what issues should be considered for legislative priorities next session.   For a list of the propositions on the Republican primary ballot click HERE.

I hope this information has been helpful, and I of course would appreciate your vote on Tuesday.