I will follow the law and the evidence in the upcoming impeachment trial

August 31, 2023

I have been receiving calls, emails and other messages concerning the role of the Senate during the Attorney General Ken Paxton impeachment trial which begins at 9:00 am on Tuesday, September 5th.  

First and foremost, communication from constituents is always needed and appreciated. However, in the unique instance of an impeachment trial, please understand that I am not permitted to comment or engage in any discussion as I am in the position of a judge and a juror.  I am also under a judicial gag order that prohibits discussion of the matter, which includes discussion on the merits of the case. This gag order also applies to my staff.

When the trial begins, I will publicly take the following oath:

 “I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will impartially try Warren Kenneth Paxton, Jr., Attorney General of Texas, upon the impeachment charges submitted to me by the House of Representatives and a true verdict render according to the law, and the evidence, so help me God.”

As your Senator, I hold my constitutional responsibility as a member of the Court of Impeachment in the highest regard. My commitment to you, and to all my constituents, is to do my very best to make a decision that is in recognition of my oath. Thank you for your understanding that I cannot directly respond to your calls and other communications.

My office has also received questions concerning information publicly available to citizens.  If you wish to stay informed throughout the process, here is information I can share:

  • The Clerk of the Court of Impeachment has a public website which provides access to the resolutions adopted by the legislature and other official documents related to the impeachment, including the rules and procedures. You can view these documents HERE
  • Official guidelines have been issued for in-person public access to the Senate Gallery during the impeachment trial and can be viewed HERE.
  • The trial will be live streamed each day and it will begin at 9:00 am on Tuesday, September 5th. The live stream can be viewed HERE.   

Thank you again for your understanding in this matter, and for the honor and privilege of representing you in the Texas Senate.