Israel Under Attack; The Texas Senate responds

October 9, 2023

I know you are stunned, heartbroken and outraged over the senseless murder of hundreds of Israeli citizens over the weekend at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

The carnage and destruction is simply shocking. As of this morning, the death toll is estimated at over 700 Israelis. Based on population, that would equal a terror attack in our country resulting in the deaths of about 28,000 Americans.

Sadly, there are reports of at least nine American deaths in Israel.

Today, as we began a Special Session of the Legislature, I had the privilege of offering SR 2, which expresses Texas’ solidarity with and support for the people of Israel, and underscoring their absolute right to defend themselves against these brutal attacks. The resolution is at the end of this email. This resolution passed unanimously, 31-0. 

Terry and I have visited Israel many times. We’ve walked the streets of Jerusalem and visited the holy sites across the city. We had the honor to be in the city for the opening of the U.S. Embassy. We have friends there, and we pray for their safety. 

Israel is now moving forward to destroy Hamas to ensure this can never happen again. As they do so, let us continue to pray for Israel…. for their strength, safety, protection and total victory.