It’s Election Day!

May 28, 2024

Today is Election Day! You’ll find links for voting locations for counties in SD 10 that have local runoffs at the bottom of this email. Polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm. As long as you’re in line by 7 pm, you’ll be able to vote.  I have made endorsements in two key races:

Craig Goldman for Congress

In Congressional District 12, I am strongly endorsing Craig Goldman, a businessman and former staff member for Senator Phil Gramm. For over a decade, we’ve worked together to advance conservative principles.  I know Craig to be a strong pro-life advocate, committed to border security, and a passionate defender of Israel. Terry and I have traveled to Israel with Craig when Lockheed delivered the first F-35.  Most recently, in light of the brutal attacks by Hamas, we collaborated on a joint House/Senate resolution making clear that Texas stands with Israel, a resolution now considered the national model for states. Terry and I have known Craig Goldman for many years, and we are proud to endorse our longtime friend.  (As an aside, please ignore the lies on those red signs being posted illegally in right of way areas. Craig has always voted to ban gender modification surgeries on minors.)

Brent Hagenbuch for SD 30

In Senate District 30, Brent Hagenbuch has earned my endorsement. Brent is a Naval Academy graduate who served over a decade on active duty.  He’s a Texas entrepreneur who created a successful business from the ground up and now runs a national trucking business with hundreds of employees.  He’s at a season in life where he can step away from his business and serve Texas.  I like that he started at the grass roots level as a precinct chair, then served as GOP County Chair before being asked to run for Texas Senate. He’ll be a strong conservative partner with me in Austin.

Please join Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick, Sen. Drew Springer and me in supporting Craig Goldman for Congress and Brent Hagenbuch for Texas Senate.

Election Day Locations:
Palo Pinto