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Teachers Can Earn Up to $32,000 More a Year!

April 5, 2024

Created by the Texas Legislature in 2019 as part of House Bill 3, the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) provides independent school districts (ISDs) and charter schools with the exciting opportunity to award qualifying teachers with significant salary increases.

The TIA is a program administered through the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that is designed to recognize and reward effective teaching and incentivize outstanding teachers to stay in the classroom.  This link ( contains a wealth of information for school districts and charters interested in participating in this voluntary program. 

There are several factors that determine the allotment, but it can range from an additional $3,000 to $32,000 annually that high-performing teachers can earn for their districts. Additionally, the program is designed to give  districts discretion in the metrics used and how they design the program so that it can fit the specific needs of their district.

Enjoying steady growth since its inception, as of 2023 the TIA now has 13,774 qualifying teachers in 346 school districts being awarded a total of over $145 million through this program as of 2023.  Over the next year, growth is projected to be at $260 million in additional funding for qualifying teachers in participating districts and charters. 

Taking a closer look at school districts in Senate District 10, where I represent parts of 65 school districts and charters, 35% of traditional ISDs and 70% of charters are participating in the TIA program. 

This initiative has been successful at directing funds to high-performing teachers, and I hope more school districts will consider taking advantage of this great opportunity.  

If you are interested in seeing if your district is participating in this program, see the link HERE.

This was a critical investment that the legislature has made and will continue to make in order to appropriately reward our teachers. Just like in your own personal business, you want to compensate those employees who are effective and doing a great job. The TIA represents a free market approach applied to government. 

Did you know if the Texas public school system was a private corporation, it would be third largest in the nation? Applying this type of common sense incentive program to our public education system helps with recruitment, retention and most importantly thanking our public servants for one of the most important professions: educating our future leaders. 

Election Day is upon us! If you haven’t voted already, tomorrow is the day to get out and vote! Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

March 4, 2024

In the race to select a replacement for retiring Congresswoman Kay Granger in CD 12, Terry and I recommend our longtime friend Craig Goldman.

In CD 25, we recommend Congressman Roger Williams.

In the HD 60 for State Representative, we recommend a vote for Mike Olcott.

**Where Do I Vote?** 

Below is a link to each county’s Election Day Locations across Senate District 10:

Brown County

Callahan County

Palo Pinto County

Parker County

Tarrant County

Johnson County

Shackelford County

Stephens County

**When Can I Vote?**

Polls are open Tuesday, March 5th, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m..  As long as you’re in line before 7 p.m, you’ll get to vote. 

**Republican Party of Texas Propositions:**

In addition to voting for candidates, you will also have the opportunity to voice your opinion on various propositions put forth by the Republican Party of Texas. These propositions cover important issues, and you can review them in detail by visiting the following link: Republican Party of Texas Propositions. These propositions are advisory in nature and do not create law.
**Encourage Your Network:**

Please share this information with your friends and family, urging them to join you in making their voices heard at the polls. Your vote has never been more important.  
Thank you for your commitment to civic engagement. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact my office at [email protected].

Important Primary Election Information

February 17, 2024

As we approach the upcoming primary election, I want to ensure that you are well-informed and ready to exercise your fundamental right to vote. Your participation is crucial in shaping the future of our community, state, and nation.**Early Voting Information:**

Early voting for the primary election is an excellent opportunity to cast your ballot at your convenience. Early voting begins on Tuesday, February 20th and runs through Friday, March 1st. You can find early voting locations in our area by visiting the following links:

Brown County Early Voting Locations
Callahan County Early Voting Locations
Johnson County Early Voting Locations
Palo Pinto County Early Voting Locations
Parker County Early Voting Locations
Stephens County Early Voting Locations
Tarrant County Early Voting Locations

**Election Day Voting Information:**

If you prefer to vote on Election Day, it is scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th. Please make sure to check your assigned polling location, and you can find the information you need at the following links:

Brown County Election Day Polling Locations
Callahan County Election Day Polling Locations
Johnson County Election Day Polling Locations
Palo Pinto County Election Day Polling Locations
Parker County Election Day Polling Locations
Stephens County Election Day Polling Locations
Tarrant County Election Day Polling Locations

**Republican Party of Texas Propositions:**

In addition to voting for candidates, you will also have the opportunity to voice your opinion on various propositions put forth by the Republican Party of Texas. These propositions cover important issues, and you can review them in detail by visiting the following link: Republican Party of Texas Propositions. These propositions are advisory in nature and do not create law.

**Encourage Your Network:**

Please share this information with your friends and family, urging them to join you in making their voices heard at the polls. If possible, please do not wait until the last day to vote.  There are just too many things that can happen to keep you away.  Your vote has never been more important.  

Thank you for your commitment to civic engagement. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact my office at [email protected].

It worked! Why your electricity stayed on during this cold weather.

January 19, 2024

We were very concerned. This week’s cold weather event was one of the most severe of the last 15 years. Arguably the second most severe. We all remember days of outages and resulting tragedies caused by Winter Storm Uri in 2021. That can never be allowed to happen again.

Post Uri, the Texas Legislature mandated a long and complex list of market and operational changes. We’ve also reorganized both the Public Utility Commission and ERCOT which operates Texas’ electric grid. Many of these legislative mandates are in effect while others are still in the implementation process. 

Although there is more work to be done, I am encouraged by the performance of our grid during this recent weather event. This week was a big test. Here are some of my key takeaways. 

Takeaway #1 – Record Demand, Ample Reserve and No Emergency Conditions 

This past week we broke winter power demand records but never entered emergency condition status. Emergency conditions are triggered when electricity reserves drop below 2,500 megawatts (MW). During this cold wave we maintained at least 5,000 MW in reserve and had other contingencies available if needed. 

Takeaway #2 –Thermal Fleet Had Very Good Performance; Weatherization Working 

Much of Winter Storm Uri’s outages were caused by frozen equipment across the power grid. In 2021, the legislature implemented comprehensive weatherization standards and mandated inspections to ensure compliance. Although these were expensive and complex, we know the effort is having a positive impact. Thermal forced outages caused by the weather amounted to no more than 3,000 MW. That is less than half of the forced outage totals for the thermal electric generation fleet (natural gas, nuclear and coal) during the 2022 winter storm.

Takeaway #3 – Critical Load Maps, Firm Fuel, Gas Storage and Increased Communications 

In 2021, the legislature created the Texas Electricity Supply Chain Security and Mapping Committee. This entity was charged with mapping the electricity supply chain in Texas and identifying the critical infrastructure sources to ensure power is not lost. Additionally, we formalized in statute the Texas Energy Reliability Council (TERC) to enhance coordination and communication in the energy and electric industries. 

In discussions with the industry, we learned that these changes were paramount for grid preparedness and reliability during last summer’s and this winter’s extreme weather events. The collaboration from the electric and energy industry allows providers to troubleshoot quickly before a severe problem occurs or to expedite a timely resolution. 

The legislature also implemented incentives for generators to have firm fuel (a commitment to deliver fuel under any conditions) and onsite fuel storage. This is important because during gas curtailments, you want to have on site fuel storage as a backup. This has been working very well and thermal plants are staying operational. 

Takeaway #4 – A Pleasant Addition to the Grid: Batteries 

During Winter Storm Uri in 2021, battery storage was well before its prime. Since then, battery storage has become increasingly interconnected to the grid, and much more is projected to be available. Batteries performed in this winter storm exactly how we had hoped. They discharged power on the grid during peak demand and recharged during non-peak hours. I am excited to see what the future holds for battery storage. 

Takeaway #5 – Wind and Solar Remain Variable and Unpredictable 

Although it is a large segment of our electricity supply in Texas, solar and wind generation continues to be unreliable. We have made significant efforts to encourage more dispatchable generation, but it takes time to build power plants. Also, the federal government’s large subsidies for wind and solar projects discourages construction of the reliable, dispatchable natural gas fired plants of which we are in need. 

Takeaway #6 – ERCOT’s Power Demand Forecast Overly Conservative 

Part of ERCOT’s job is to forecast power demand so that adequate power is available hour by hour, day by day. It will take some time to explore why this happened, but ERCOT’s forecasts were much higher than real time demand during this winter event. We always want to err on the side of caution and be over prepared rather than under prepared, but we need to explore how to improve our winter forecasting. It has the potential for unintended consequences like unnecessarily driving up costs for consumers. 

Takeaway #7 – Dispatchable (Ready-to Go) Generation is Necessary for Texas’ Future 

During the November 2023 election, voters approved Prop 7 to help incentivize more dispatchable and reliable generation. The Texas Energy Fund will provide loans and grants for new dispatchable generation and help existing dispatchable generators make necessary improvements. This investment for our future is just one way that the legislature has encouraged a path forward to bring the right type of power generation to Texas. 

I hope this information is helpful and encouraging. This cold wave was a good test of the changes implemented across our electric grid over the last three years. The role of the PUC and ERCOT in implementing legislative mandates, and the cooperation and work of the electricity industry, deserve much recognition.

As always, I am available for any questions you may have or your feedback.

Special Thanks: If you know any linemen for the transmission and distribution utilities, tell them thank you! These men and women are first responders during a storm, and I know they worked many long hours, in very frigid conditions, to quickly resolve any local outages. 

Will my electricity stay on during this extreme winter period?

January 14, 2024

With the winter weather conditions upon us, I would like to share some important information and resources that may be helpful for you, your family and friends. Please know that our state leaders are working nonstop to ensure necessary readiness so that all Texans stay safe and that we are well equipped for any impact that we may see from this multi-day weather event. I hope you stay safe and warm. If you have any specific problems our office can assist with, please don’t hesitate to email our office at [email protected]

Electricity Grid Conditions 
Our office has been in constant communication with ERCOT about the electricity grid conditions as the cold weather system moves in. Below are grid projections provided Saturday afternoon. Please note these are subject to change. 

Sunday – ERCOT anticipates all grid conditions to remain normal as the cold front arrives. (Normal means there is ample supply to meet demand)

Monday – ERCOT is projecting demand to reach around 80,000 megawatts (MW). For reference, during Winter Storm Elliott in December of 2022, the peak was at 75,000 megawatts. 

Tuesday – ERCOT is projecting Tuesday morning to be the tightest grid conditions during this cold event, anticipating a peak demand of 85,000 MW. (This type of demand level is similar to a summer number) 

Wednesday – ERCOT is projecting grid conditions to return to normal.  

Many variables can adjust these forecasts. A generation facility may trip offline or simply the wind dying down can make a big impact. We have put a lot of measures in place after Winter Storm Uri to ensure maximum preparedness and collaboration. All grid operators, companies generating electricity, and the companies that deliver the gas or electricity to your home are all communicating and are ready to work through the peak demand for power over these next few days. We have a lot of new tools in place to manage the grid through tight conditions. We saw them work well during the summer and expect the same during the winter. Inevitably, we will see localized power outages due to various reasons, like damage from a tree falling. It is always good during these tight grid conditions to be cognizant of your usage and try to conserve electricity when you can. 

There is a public dashboard that I would encourage you to utilize to monitor electricity grid conditions. This dashboard includes data on current supply/demand and what type of generation is currently providing power, just to name a few.  The dashboard can be viewed HERE

A map of outages can be found HERE. As a reminder, If your power goes out, contact your local energy provider to report the outage. 

We encourage everyone to stay off the roads if you can. If you do have to go somewhere, be cautious and check the current road conditions HERE. This will have the most up to date information on any road closures or damage in your area. 

Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) Cold Weather Resources 
TDEM has increased the readiness level of our Texas State Operations Center to Level II (Escalated Response) and has mobilized state emergency response resources. Their website also includes a multitude of good resources for individuals and families. These resources can be found HERE

Again, I hope you and your family are safe during this extreme cold weather. Please don’t hesitate to respond to this email or email the office at [email protected] if we can be a resource.

Final Thoughts on the Year, Celebrating Champions

December 22, 2023

This is a time to reflect on the year, be grateful for what we have, spend time with family and friends, and thank the Lord for our numerous blessings.

Wishing You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This time last year, I was yet to take the oath of office to serve as your new state senator. In the weeks that followed, in January of this year, I placed my hand on the Bible and was sworn in. Let me just say what an honor it is to serve you.  

As Monday approaches, I am thankful to our Father in Heaven for his gift of Christmas, when he sent his son to earth to be the savior of the world.  

Terry and I, and the entire extended King family, hope and pray that you have a wonderful, blessed and Merry Christmas.   

Highlights from Johnson County Republican Women’s Meeting

It was great to be back in Johnson County among many friends and supporters. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to speak to the Johnson County Republican Women and provide a recap of the regular legislative session and the subsequent four special sessions. I always appreciate the warm welcome and the chance to see friends like former Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford.

During my remarks, I touched upon some key accomplishments including historic border security funding, major property tax relief, banning gender modification surgeries in children, and other key measures to protect our kids. I outlined bills we passed to increase the reliability of the electric grid and ensure we have the energy needed going forward. Our increase in school funding and the $1 billion water infrastructure fund were also covered.

With Leanne Ivey and Verlie Edwards of Congressman Roger Williams’ office

With Former Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford

With Whitney Clotfelter, Johnson County Republican Women President

With TFRW District Director for SD 10, Anita Moore

Bob McKinley Reaches 1,000 Wins

Congratulations to Bob McKinley, Weatherford College’s longtime athletic director and women’s basketball coach, for reaching the 1,000 wins plateau.

McKinley is one of only five coaches in the history of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) to reach 1,000 victories in men’s or women’s basketball. He is also the winningest active NJCAA Division I basketball coach in the nation. McKinley is a member of the NJCAA Women’s Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame and is a 12-time Coach of the Year awardee from the Northern Texas Junior College Athletic Conference. 

Congratulations to 3 Football State Champs in Senate District 10!

Football is a time honored tradition in Texas, and I’m excited to announce that this year SD 10 had three high schools that won their Texas State Championship! I’m very proud to highlight these communities and their schools.

The Aledo Bearcats defeated Smithson Valley to win the 5A Division 1 Title. Congratulations on this great accomplishment. By the way, Aledo High School has now won 12 state championships, which is a Texas record!

In the Western portion of our district, the Albany Lions in Shackelford County beat the Mart Panthers to win the title for 2A Division 2. Congratulations Lions!

Finally, the Gordon Longhorns of Palo Pinto County won the 1A Division 1 title, beating the Westbrook Wildcats. What a great accomplishment!

My office has prepared Senate Resolutions honoring all three of these teams. We look forward to this proper recognition for their accomplishments.

Merry Christmas!

Special Session Update, Important Water Projects, Gov. Abbott’s Endorsement and more!

December 5, 2023

The Christmas season is rapidly approaching, with Christmas Day only 20 days away.  I hope you’ve started your shopping for friends and family! In the meantime, here’s an update from the last few weeks.

Special Session #4:  The Texas Senate Passes All Items on the Agenda

We have been busy in the 4th Special Session, which is scheduled to conclude tomorrow. I’m pleased to announce we have passed every item on Governor Abbott’s agenda. Here is a summary of those five bills:

  • SB 1: School Choice for Parents and Families

Every child deserves a chance to thrive in an environment that is best for them. This bill introduces the Educational Savings Account (ESA) program, giving families the power to explore alternative educational avenues that would ensure success for their child.

STATUS: SB 1 has been passed by the Senate, and is awaiting House approval.

  • SB 2: Teacher Pay Raise, Increased Education Funding

This bill increases the basic allotment, gives across the board teacher raises, and adds $317 million to the teacher incentive—making it the biggest public education investment in Texas history.

STATUS: SB 2 has been passed by the Senate, and is awaiting House approval.

  • SB 3 & 4: New Border Security Measures

SB 3 provides $1.5 billion to build a border wall, as well as other border security enforcement measures, since the Biden Administration refuses to do so. SB 4 will make it harder for those in Texas illegally to stay in the state.

STATUS: SB 3 and SB 4 have been passed by both chambers and are now on the Governor’s desk for signature. 

  • SB 5: Increased School Safety Funding 

SB 5 will provide additional funds of $800 million to help school districts implement the requirements of HB 3, passed during the regular session, as it relates to the hiring of armed security officers on school campuses.

STATUS:  SB 5 has been passed by the Senate, and is awaiting House approval.
Additional Important Legislative Action: SB 6

Six lawsuits were filed in Travis County contesting the results of the November Constitutional election. Due to timing issues of lawsuits under the law, it’s possible that the amendments approved by the voters would not go into effect on January 1, 2024 as planned. SB 6 seeks to adjust those deadlines so that the amendments will be timely implemented. This measure was passed by the Senate on Thursday, and awaits action by the Texas House. 
Meeting Concerning State Funding for Important Palo Pinto Water Project

Yesterday in Austin I met with the mayor of Mineral Wells, Regan Johnson, along with other city officials and leadership from the Palo Pinto Water District. Our delegation met with Texas Water Development Board Commissioner Brooke Paup and her team concerning the construction of the Turkey Peak Reservoir and other local improvement projects. The Turkey Peak Reservoir will be located on Palo Pinto Creek immediately downstream from Lake Palo Pinto, approximately two miles northwest of the City of Santo, and upstream from the bridge over Palo Pinto Creek on FM 4. When this project is complete, the combined existing Palo Pinto lake and reservoir capacity will be about 50,000 acre-feet, or 15.9 billion gallons. This will increase storage by 83 percent and increase reliable supplies by 6,000 acre-feet per year. 
State funding was the primary point of discussion, and we received updates on the status of the applications local leaders are turning in for funding. The drought has taken a particularly hard toll on Mineral Wells, and these are the kinds of projects needed to address current critical water shortages as well as to ensure water need for future growth. To learn more about this important project, visit

It was a pleasure to meet with leaders from Palo Pinto County and the Texas Water Development Board to discuss the Turkey Peak Reservoir, an important project to ensure critical water supplies for the area.

Governor Abbott’s Endorsement

I am honored to receive the endorsement of Governor Greg Abbott. During my service in the House and Senate, we’ve partnered on border security, property tax reduction and so many other issues critical to Senate District 10. As a former police officer, I especially appreciate his unwavering support for law enforcement. Governor, thank you for your endorsement and let’s keep working together on behalf of all Texans. 

Meeting of Conservative Legislators From Around the Country

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) States & Nation Policy Summit in Arizona. In preparation for the next regular legislative session in 2025, almost 1,000 conservative legislators, policy experts, and stakeholders convened to discuss how to best implement public policy to benefit our constituents. 

Topics discussed were empowering parents through universal education freedom; ensuring that state pension investments aren’t influenced by those seeking to promote a liberal agenda through political motivated investing; and reducing the influence of the Chinese government. Some of the featured speakers included Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, and legendary economist Dr. Art Laffer, who is still going strong at age 83 and always provides insightful commentary.

I’ve had the honor to serve as National Chair of ALEC, an organization dedicated to the principles of limited government, free markets, and federalism. I remain active as a member of the ALEC National Board.

My Latest Update

November 19, 2023

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is this week. Terry and I look forward to having time with our family. I hope you and your family will be able to unplug and relax. We all have so much to be thankful for living in Texas. As you gather around the table with your family please remember to pray for our state and nation. These are exceptionally precarious times.

Meeting with Israeli Families Victims of the Hamas Terrorist Invasion
Last week I participated in a very, very difficult meeting. Early in the week, I was approached by the Consul General of Israel for the Southwest Region (based in Houston) to host a meeting for Jewish families who right now have loved ones being held hostage by Hamas. 

This was a sobering, emotional encounter with those who had been directly impacted by Hamas’ brutal assault on innocent Israelis. Those who attended the meeting were from families that lived within a mile of the Gaza border, within communities known as a kibbutz. They were the first to get hit, and their stories were harrowing.

For their protection, I’m going to refrain from mentioning their names or the names of their family members held as hostages. 

One gentlemen recounted that he escaped into a safe room and his home was burned down while he was in hiding. His son, who lived at the kibbutz in another home, was kidnapped and remains missing.

A 14-year-old girl shared a grueling account of her dad being burned and killed. She spoke of her concern for her 9-year-old brother and how this is impacting him. 

We read the horrible accounts of what is happening in Israel, but putting faces to these stories deeply impacted me and strengthened my resolve that we stand by Israel and pray for its citizens.

There are at least 238 people still being held hostage by Hamas, and their families are living a nightmare. It was chilling to hear one person express they feel they are dealing with Holocaust denial all over again ….. that people just don’t fully believe, or certainly understand, the extent of the brutality and horror of the atrocities committed by Hamas. Those we met with are all displaced, their homes are ruined, and they await for news of their families held hostage.

I’m grateful for the fellow senators, House members and legislative staff who joined in this important meeting. May we never forget.

I had the opportunity to meet with families from Israel who were personally impacted by the Hamas atrocities committed last month.

You Deserve a (Property Tax) Break Today!
First, congratulations to all who took the time to vote in the Constitutional Amendment election. Texans came out in droves and voted in favor of Prop 4, the property tax reduction constitutional amendment. Voters overwhelmingly approved this measure, which will be put in effect immediately and lower your property tax bill due in January. Your Texas Legislature listened to those we represent who demanded property tax relief. We passed this legislation and placed the measure before the voters. In fact, I’m proud to report that the proposition passed in all Senate District 10 counties. Parker County had the highest approval rate of all 254 counties in the state, with 93.35% of voters approving!
Back in Brown County to Honor Veterans
I was honored to be the keynote speaker for Brown County’s annual Veteran’s Day program. There are 77 Texans who have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, 38 of those posthumously. We have over 1.4 million military veterans living in Texas, which is more than any other state. We were humbled and honored to remember the sacrifices of those who have served in defense of our freedoms.
The well-attended event included plaque dedications to the families of the late Jack Carlson of Brownwood, and the late J.H. Childs of Cross Plains in honor of their distinguished and heroic  military service. Carlson joined the U.S. Army in March 1941 and served in the Kangaroo Squadron during the early stages of the United States’ entry into World War II. Childs enlisted in the U.S. Army two weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and was eventually promoted to first lieutenant in June 1944. Both families read the inscriptions on plaques, which will be placed at the Central Texas Veterans Memorial. Military celebration coins were also presented to Sean Lewis, Paul Wade and the oldest veteran present at the event, 86-year-old Vernon Abrahams.

I was honored to be the keynote speaker for Brown County’s annual
Veteran’s Day program


Special Session #4:  Public Education and Border Security
Governor Abbott recalled the Legislature for an unprecedented fourth special session on November 7th. The Texas Senate quickly passed all items on the Governor’s “call”.  
As these bills left the Senate, the legislation focused on increasing education funding, giving teachers a well-deserved pay raise, providing parents with the option of education savings accounts and increasing school safety funding. We also passed measures implementing new border security measures.  As is normal in the legislative process, there were significant differences in the House versions, and those differences are being worked through.  Border Security Highlights:

  • SB 3 allocates $1.5 billion to build a border wall, as well as $40 million in additional border security funds (this includes funding for enhancing law enforcement operations in the Colony Ridge Community). Since the Biden administration refuses to fix our rampant illegal immigration problem, it’s up to Texas to take matters into our own hands and protect our sovereign citizens against an influx of human trafficking, terrorists and fentanyl. 
  • SB 4 will further address the issue of border security by raising minimum sentences for human smuggling.  It also creates a criminal offense for illegally entering Texas from a foreign nation. Furthermore, the bill allows for a judge to order the illegal alien to be transported to the border and directed to leave the state.

Another Successful Clay Shoot is in the Books
It was great to see so many supporters from around the district and state who came in for my annual Clay Shoot. We enjoyed a beautiful day with friends, food, and fellowship.

Always love when Terry can participate in my annual clay shoot. I’m blessed to have her love and support in all that I do.

Emergency Meeting to Combat Growing Antisemitism, Support Israel

November 2, 2023

During a time of rising hostility toward Jewish citizens here in Texas and across the nation, I was invited on Monday to address an important emergency meeting of the Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Antisemitism Advisory Commission (THGAAC). In 2021, I was very honored to author HB 3257 which established this commission. The bill had broad support in the House and Senate.  

Back in 2021, little did we know that Israel would be invaded and that a dangerous hostility toward Jews would be on the rise, in of all places, Texas. During the Commission meeting, we discussed the unprecedented escalation of antisemitic incidents on high school and college campuses and across the public square. Though no state has passed more legislation in support of Israel than Texas, I asked for input and ideas on how we can address this growing problem. We will continue the conversation to ensure the safety of the Jewish community. Violence against our Jewish friends and neighbors will simply not be tolerated.  

I have often stated that Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East and is America’s best partner in that hostile and unstable region. Israel is a leading trading partner with Texas and many Texans have both religious and personal ties to the nation. Being a faithful partner to Israel is always in Texas’ best interest.

On October 9th, we began a Special Session of the Legislature. The Senate’s very first item of business was to pass SR 2, which I had the privilege of presenting, expressing Texas’ solidarity with and support for the people of Israel. This resolution underscored Israel’s absolute right to defend against the brutal attacks by the Iranian sponsored terrorist group Hamas. The resolution, which passed unanimously, condemned antisemitism and directed law enforcement to be especially watchful for increased anti-Semitic and terroristic activity in Texas. Almost simultaneously, my colleague, Rep. Craig Goldman, introduced the same resolution in the Texas House, where it was also passed unanimously.

Just yesterday this resolution was adopted as the national model by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), America’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators dedicated to the principles of limited government, free markets and federalism. ALEC encouraged other state legislatures to adopt similar resolutions which condemn Hamas’ attack on Israel and supports Israel’s right to eliminate Hamas.

Throughout my service in the Legislature, I have worked to strengthen the Texas/Israel relationship. It’s been a privilege to organize three trips to Israel with legislators from here in Texas and around the nation. One such visit was in conjunction with the delivery of the first F-35 advanced combat stealth fighters, produced in Fort Worth, to Israel. Another personal highlight was when Terry and I were blessed to be in Israel to attend the historic opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

On May 14, 2018, Terry and I were blessed to be in Israel for the historic opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. The event coincided with the 70th anniversary of the creation of the modern state of Israel.

I’ve also sought to support Israel through legislative action when needed. When an organized campaign known as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement sought to delegitimize Israel through economic warfare, Texas responded by passing the nation’s strongest anti-BDS bill. This 2017 bill prohibits the State of Texas from doing business with any companies or individual contractors who boycott Israel.

In 2017, Texas passed legislation to combat the BDS movement, which seeks to weaken the nation of Israel through economic boycotts, divestiture efforts, and sanctions. This photo is from the day the bill was signed by Gov. Abbott.

Earlier this year, I filed SB 1517 to fight antisemitism on college campuses and stop academic boycotts of Israel. This bill, now law, requires that institutions of higher education prohibit academic boycotts that deprive students or faculty members of the opportunity to study or conduct research in Israel.   Texas continues to state affirmatively, without reservation: We stand with Israel. And we always will.    

Meeting with the Fort Worth Chapter of Hadassah, whose leaders recognized our efforts to pass the strongest Anti-BDS law in the nation.

Early Voting is Underway for the Texas Constitutional Election

October 24, 2023

The polls are open for early voting, with major property tax relief ready for your approval!

There are 14 proposed Constitutional amendments on the ballot, and early voting lasts until Friday, November 3. Election Day is Tuesday, November 7.  

One of the most important propositions on the ballot is Prop 4, which will implement the legislature’s historic $18 billion property tax relief package.  

More information on each amendment provided by the Texas Secretary of State’s office is found below. 

Additionally, see below for a link to early voting times and locations for each of the counties in Senate District 10. Please get out and vote!

Brown County
Callahan County
Johnson County
Palo Pinto County
Parker County
Shackelford County
Stephens County
Tarrant County