Reporting In, Plus Mark Your Calendar to Vote YES on Prop 4!

September 28, 2023

The impeachment trial is behind us, but it looks like we will be back in Austin for another special session very soon, most likely in early October.  Governor Abbott has not announced the specific “call” of the session, but I expect we will be taking up school choice, border security, and other matters as determined […]

Final Thoughts on the Impeachment Trial of AG Ken Paxton and Interview with Mark Davis

September 19, 2023

As you no doubt know, the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton ended on Saturday with the acquittal on all sixteen Articles of Impeachment. My work began months before the trial started and I took my role very seriously. I served on the Senate Special Committee for Rules and Procedures for the Court of Impeachment and as […]

I will follow the law and the evidence in the upcoming impeachment trial

August 31, 2023

I have been receiving calls, emails and other messages concerning the role of the Senate during the Attorney General Ken Paxton impeachment trial which begins at 9:00 am on Tuesday, September 5th.   First and foremost, communication from constituents is always needed and appreciated. However, in the unique instance of an impeachment trial, please understand […]

Stopping Illegal Street Racing, Saving Women’s Sports, District Visits, Protecting Kids

August 18, 2023

As we approach the end of August, I hope you have enjoyed time with family and friends this summer.  As for me, the cooler weather of the Fall months can’t get here soon enough!  In the meantime, here are some updates on recent events and some of my travels across Senate District 10.   Gov. Abbott Signs […]

Answering Your Questions on Property Tax Relief

August 10, 2023

Since the Legislature passed the historic $18 billion property tax relief package I’ve received a number of questions concerning the specific details and especially what part voters play in approving this tax relief in the November Constitutional elections.   Here is a summary of some of the most common questions. Hopefully this will be helpful to you. Q:  […]

Breaking News: Property Tax Relief Agreement

July 10, 2023

I’m pleased to report that today, after months of negotiation, the Texas House and Senate have reached an agreement that will provide for the largest property tax cut in Texas history.  More details are forthcoming, but here are the broad parameters of the agreement: Over $12 billion will be spent on reducing the school property […]

Home Stretch:  Solid Conservative Wins, End of Life Protections, Protecting Small Business, Free State Park Access for Veterans…and more!

May 21, 2023

We are approaching the last week of the 88th Legislative Session which ends on Memorial Day – one week from tomorrow.   Senators, Representatives and their staff have been working long days; in fact, we are in session today on Sunday. Bills important to members are dying, so frustrations can be high and patience is in short […]

Mother’s Day, More Border Security, Stopping ESG, Honoring WWII Veterans, & More

May 14, 2023

I want to wish all of our Moms a wonderful Mother’s Day and acknowledge the very special role they have in our lives. I particularly want to share how blessed I am for my wife, Terry, and the amazing job she did in raising our six children and serving as a role model for our […]

Border Surge, Tracking Dangerous Foreign Nationals, Honoring Israel’s 75th Birthday & TCU’s 150th

May 9, 2023

As of yesterday, there are only three weeks left in the 88th Texas Legislative session. This is the time in the session when various deadlines related to the process bring an increased sense of urgency to those trying to ensure important bills get passed.  We are still working to finalize the budget, and as we […]

My Appraisal Increased 30% – Do My Taxes Increase 30%? The Answer is No.

May 1, 2023

You are well aware that property tax appraisals are arriving across the eight counties of Senate District 10.   It is important to remember: Because of laws passed by the legislature, without voter approval local governments and jurisdictions are prohibited from increasing their total tax revenue – over the previous year – by more than 2.5% […]