Update on Priority Legislation and Education Funds

May 3, 2021

Priority Legislation Two of my priority bills that I filed this session have passed the Texas House and are now over in the Senate. HB 2283 Did you know that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, poured over $350 million into the 2020 election cycle to help conduct the elections? Turns out this money was being largely […]

Health Care Reform, Property Tax Appraisals and More

April 26, 2021

Health Care Reform Passes the Texas House  We have made large strides for Texans on the path to health care reform.  Two key pieces of health care reform policy that will help Texans have more options to access care and reduce the cost of prescriptions for Texans in need have passed the Texas House.  Last session […]

Quick Update on My Week in the Texas Legislature

April 18, 2021

People are always surprised to learn how much work goes into being a legislator.  This is my reading and study material just for yesterday.  This week I will be presenting five of my bills in committee, three of my bills on the House floor as well as a number of floor amendments.   Parker County Day at […]

Texas’ Response to Border Crisis and This Week in the Legislature

March 27, 2021

Texas Responds to Border Crisis The Biden administration has failed on every level to secure our border. Recently, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary admitted that apprehensions could reach levels not seen in almost 20 years. This is a rapidly growing humanitarian crisis at our border that must be addressed. With a surge of migrants, influx […]

Legislative Priorities

March 21, 2021

I am sharing with you today priority legislation with statewide impact that I have authored this session.  This list is not exhaustive – I have filed several other bills including ones brought to me by local leaders.  For now, I would like to outline the most critical measures with statewide significance that I am working on.  There are […]

HB 3 Government Powers During A Pandemic, Social Media Censorship, Antisemitism

March 15, 2021

  60th Day of Session: Bill Filing Deadline  Friday, March 12th, marked the 60th day of our 140 day legislative session.  This is a critical deadline for the legislature as it is the last day a bill can be filed for consideration during the 87th Legislative Session.  A total of 7,467 bills were filed in the House and […]

Power Outage Update & Survey of Damage

February 18, 2021

Power Closer to Full Restoration Power has been restored to another 2 million homes across Texas. There are still hundreds of thousands to go. We know now that around 185 generation units tripped offline and today we still have 36,000 MW offline – 14,600 MW wind and solar and 21,400 MW thermal (nuclear, coal and […]

Update on Power Outages

February 17, 2021

Friends, I wish I had better news to deliver but I fear we will not be back to normal power for a few more days. The hardships that Texans are enduring is completely unacceptable. Without a doubt, this crisis should have and could have been averted. The good news is when this does end, and […]

Power Update

February 16, 2021

Friends, The latest update from Oncor can be found HERE. I will make certain that the legislature takes up this issue of outages immediately! I have already been in contact with the Speaker and the Chair for the State Affairs committee discussing hearings as soon as we can reconvene session.  Similar problems on a smaller scale occurred in […]

Unprecedented Demands on the Electricity Grid

February 15, 2021

Friends, I know many of you are frustrated with the outages of electricity, gas and water many of us are experiencing right now.  The power at our home began cycling off and on every ten minutes or so yesterday evening and went completely down at 1:40 am.  I know many others are in the same predicament.  […]