Ethics Reform, School Finance Update and Ban on Sanctuary Cities

March 18, 2017

Ethics Reform Legislation Our republican form of government is founded on the principle that public servants represent the interests of their constituents, serving as their voice in government.  To that end, the Texas House has laid out an impressive ethics reform package to advance public trust in our elected bodies. For more information about each […]

Filing Deadline, Flat Stanley and Committee Hearings

March 12, 2017

Filing Deadline Today! Marks the 60th Day of Session Today marks the 60th day of the 85th session which is also is the last day to file all non-emergency bills.  For the next 30 days of the regular legislative session, the committees of each chamber will be holding hearings to consider all bills, resolutions and other […]

CPS and Foster Care System Reform Legislation, East Parker County Chamber Day and Constituent Meetings

February 19, 2017

CPS and Foster Care System Reform The House is making child protection the top priority of the 85th Legislation Session through funding and comprehensive reform of the system. I am fully committed to taking the necessary steps to protect children in Texas.The proposed House budget will allocate additional funding to improve salaries and hire more […]

Committee Appointments, Stand With Israel Day, Meeting with Gov. Abbott

February 11, 2017

Committee Appointments, Stand With Israel Day, Meeting With Governor Abbott This week the House members received committee appointments for the 85th session and interim. I am honored to serve as the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety and continue to serve on the Energy Resources Committee. Committees will be up and […]

85th Session Begins – Weekly Legislative Update

January 28, 2017

85th Session Begins & Swearing In Ceremony January 10th kicked off the first day of the 140 day session.  On that day, accompanied by my wife and friends, I took the Oath of Office and was sworn in as your State Representative.  Through that oath, I promise to uphold and champion the conservative values that […]

Texas Rep to File Anti-BDS Bill by Aaron Howard

November 11, 2016

Texas rep to file anti-BDS bill By AARON HOWARD | JHV• Thu, Nov 10, 2016 In the battle of ideas, one Texas legislator is taking on the BDS movement’s attempt to get state universities and other governmental entities to cut ties with Israel. State Rep. Phil King, R-District 61, will file a bill against the […]

Article V Simulation

September 27, 2016

  Friends, last week I traveled to Williamsburg, VA to participate in a first ever, simulation of an Article V Convention of States.  This is a process, set out in Article V of the U.S. Constitution, through which states initiate amendments to our constitution.  Our Founders’ intent was that states have an avenue through which […]

Why I’m Not Afraid to Support Donald Trump

July 25, 2016

I’m supporting Donald Trump. I know he’s not perfect but he’s demonstrated at least three qualities that will make him a good president: He has strong leadership skills; He surrounds himself with competent advisors; and  His core policy positions are sound. I know Trump believes in: Putting America first; Securing our borders, Restoring a strong national […]

Supreme Court on HB 2

June 27, 2016

Today the US Supreme Court again decided to be a legislature. Four judges decided that abortions do not need to be at medically safe clinics. And that abortion doctors don’t need to be qualified to practice at local hospitals. I am not sure where we go next, but I assure you that I will continue […]

Legislative Pulse: Texas State Rep. Phil King Fights for Fracking and Against Federal Overreach

March 28, 2016

Burnett: In 2015, you co-authored a bill preventing municipalities from banning fracking. Why did you feel this bill was needed? King: Oil and gas deposits don’t stop at city limits. One of our largest natural-gas-producing counties has by itself over 30 municipalities. A patchwork of inconsistent municipal regulations would undermine Texas’ preeminent role in regulating […]